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Episode 77: How to nail your transformation promise like a superhero.

August 17, 2023

Welcome back to the Hayley Osborne show. I’m Hayley, and I help people position themselves in the market to get more high-quality leads and inquiries into their business. That is what I do. If you didn’t know, that is exactly what I do. And this podcast is brought to you by superhero marketing, which is my membership, the best programme helping you get clear on what marketing strategies and activities you need to do, giving you the biggest growth with the least amount of time and effort for your business. This is episode 77. And today, I wanted to talk about how to nail your transformation promise like a superhero.

I wanted to talk about this because this is something that keeps on coming up and up and up with my private coaching clients, and anyone that I work with that is new, and anyone really in business because this would be this would have to be the hardest thing to do as a business to come up with your transformation message. I wanted to dedicate this podcast episode to it and talk about it because it’s something that is really commonly asked of me to help people with. I thought that if I can address this to the wider forum, this might be able to help you as well because I think this is definitely one of the hardest things to come up with, as business owners, because when you are so close to your business, you know, you can’t see it anymore, and you don’t know what you don’t know. And, you know, you do need to really see things for what they are and dig deep as to how you help people that you work with and what you do and the transformation that you provide. So, as I cover this a lot, I thought, Yep, let’s cover it in this episode because it might be able to just help you.

I wanted to start off by saying what is the transformation message. So basically, I use a framework inside my business called maps and this is how I start working with my one on one private coaching clients. This is what we go through in the membership and the framework of the map that I have developed. It basically stands for market audience problem and solution. So that is really how you break down addressing what your transformation message is. So if you have a think about it, what is the market? Who is the market that you are targeting your target market? And then who is so they essentially are your audience? What is the problem that you solve? And what is the solution slash transformation that you provide? And when you can answer all of those things, that then becomes your transformation message, or you can even think about it as your elevator pitch.

In opening up this podcast, this podcast episode in particular, I started off with what mine is to help people position themselves in the market to get more high-quality leads and inquiries into their business. That is what I do. And that is how I transform people’s businesses and lives. And also, to supplement that is the transformation message that I have for the memberships. I believe that it is the best programme to help you get clear on what marketing strategies and activities you need to do. Giving you the biggest growth with the least amount of time and effort for your business. They’re mine. Okay, so feel free don’t copy them, but use them as examples. Because no one likes a copycat, right? And we’ve all had it done to us, including me, which is not cool. And so much so that you need to slap these on the mirror yours on the mirror and say it and say it and say it until you believe it to the point where if you were at like a barbecue or a party or whatever it is, and somebody says hey, what do you do? I don’t just say I’m a marketer because that’s essentially not exactly what I do. And nobody really understands the same as saying, Oh, I’m in sales. Or it’s the same as saying, I’m a copywriter. No, you are so much more than those things. And you need to dig deep on actually, who you serve, the problem that you solve and the transformation that you provide. So the transformation message is essentially your elevator pitch.

Why do we need one? We need one so that as soon as people are either associated with us, land on our website, stalk us, meet us at a networking event, or at a Sunday barbecue. They know exactly What we do, and it opens up a whole conversation. Oh, okay, cool. How do you do that? And then, you can go on to talk more about your business. But it is a conversation starter, essentially. Right? So we all need one. So that we can be number one and really clear within ourselves, who it is that we help, what it is that we solve, and the transformation that we provide. So when you are clear on this message, everybody else in your world is clear as well. But essentially, if you can’t articulate those things for yourself, how is anyone else supposed to know what you do? Right, and I get this time and time again, as I move through the motions with a membership, and, you know, I work with all these different people is that this is something that people find really hard to articulate. And I see it on social media all the time. Guys, I look at so many businesses, and for the life of me, I don’t know what some of you guys, whoever’s listening to this, I don’t know what you do because it’s not articulated well across your digital footprint. So focus o this for an hour if you haven’t done it already. Sit down and list out the market, who your target market is, and what is the problem that you solve. And what is the transformation that you provide? And that is your transformation message.

That is how you nail it like a superhero. Where should it live? It should live. As soon as someone hits your website, it should live right at the top; it should live in the first fold. And it should be short and punchy, and nail it within a sentence and a half a sentence if you can. But as soon as people learn that, they should know exactly if they’re in the right place. And if you can help them or if you can’t, and it has to be punchy, it has to give off very, very clear messages, it can’t be like I help you get clear. So you can live a life that you love. No, that is not something that is a transformation or gives me the right impression about what you do at all. It’s very vague and wishy-washy. Wait, people are getting smarter as consumers and we are, can sniff bullshit a mile away, basically. So you need to, you know, do the work and come up with something that is really clever. And that is exactly what you do. And don’t forget that, you know, in 2023, so as I’m recording this, and I could be wrong with these stats, but they’re pretty, right?

The last time I checked that you have to serve somebody 22 times in their world before they’ll ever consider you in their repertoire. Okay, so that might be okay; you do a couple of Instagram posts, a couple of Facebook posts, a couple of LinkedIn posts, you send out an email, you get on your stories, you go live, and all up, that’s probably 22 times, depending on how many times you get on your Instagram stories and Facebook stories, whatever that looks like during the day. But that’s 22 times before your ideal client even considers you in their repertoire, which is huge, right? So you want to be really clear on your transformation message. That is just of the utmost importance.

And also second to that, when we leave our homes every single day, we are served with a multitude of marketing messages. Okay, so you leave your house, there’s like a bus shelter, as there are billboard ads, there are things on the side of the road with sharp signs and all the rest of it. And that is also noise in people’s lives from brands, right? So you have to essentially compete with so much noise. So the clearer you are, the better it is. And the more you set yourself up for success because people know exactly how you can help them with what you do and the transformation that you provide, which is really, really important. So, where should it live? It should live where I said on your website in the first fold. It should live on all of your digital footprints, every single place across your social media. It should be the same message and you can spice it up and reiterate it and make it a little bit more tailored for Instagram or Facebook or LinkedIn or Twitter or whatever it is, but just have it sing the same message. And guys, with that, I am going to wrap this episode up.

I hope that you have enjoyed listening. If you have, feel free to leave me a review. It is amazing for my podcast. If you do leave reviews, it makes it all worthwhile. So I can bring you more goodness. And follow me over on Instagram @HayleyKOsborne. That is where I hang out the most. And I will catch you next week, guys. Bye. I hope you’ve enjoyed listening to this episode. If you have hit subscribe so you don’t miss any new episodes released every Tuesday. And while you’re there, leave me a review. I would absolutely love to read it. Also, don’t forget to tag me @HayleykOsborne over on Instagram and share this podcast with your audience so they can get learning too. If you want more, head over to for today’s show notes and links. I’ve also got an awesome free eBook, a new one waiting for you on my website, the 10 Essentials every local area marketing plan needs, and I will catch you next week for another episode of The Hayley Osborne show.

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