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EPISODE 100 | The 100th Episode – A Milestone Celebration & here’s what I’ve learnt

April 22, 2024

In this episode of The Hayley Osborne Show, I am sharing episode 100. IT’S A CELEBRATION! What a milestone episode. I reflected on the lessons I’ve learned over the past 2 years of podcasting. Some of my favourite moments, my top tips as well as the awesome guests I’ve been lucky enough to interview along the way.

I’m also grateful for the lovely reviews and feedback – it means so much to know the show is helping small business owners with their marketing. Tune in to hear all the funny things that have happened along the way, why I started it in the first place, highs and well as the lows of producing a podcast, and highlights from past episodes people have found most useful.

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0:01 – Podcasting lessons learned after 100 episodes

4:08 – Podcasting strategy and guest interviews

8:04 – Podcasting, marketing, and business growth

15:18 – Marketing makeover challenge and membership launch

20:02 – Marketing tips and strategies for small businesses

Hayley Osborne  

Hello, and welcome to another episode of The Hayley Osborne show. This is episode 100. And this is a really, really big deal. So cue the firecrackers cue the fireworks because it’s a celebration. Now I’m obviously not going to play that in your ears because that is not cool. But 100 episodes is a milestone celebration. And that is exactly what this episode is titled. And here’s what I’ve learned, because I want to take you through a little bit about what I’ve learned over 100 episodes. And you know why I do this, why I love doing this, I want to take you through a few beautiful things people have said over the course of having this podcast.

It’s been running now for around two and a bit years. So that’s how long I’ve been doing it. I had a small hiatus when my first child was born. Because, you know, here’s what I’ve learned. You don’t start a podcast when you’re 39 weeks pregnant with your very first child. And that is what I did. I laugh now because it is such a me thing to do, is just do, just balls to the wall, basically, and just do it. And I remember my business coach at the time, Claire Wood, she said to me now you do realize that you are having a baby and you are launching a podcast if you are almost 39 weeks pregnant?

And how’s that gonna go? I’m like, It’s fine, don’t worry. I’ve got it under control. The launch is all planned. Because, you know, I’ve been a planner for such a long time, the launch is all planned, it’s ready to go. I’ve got, six episodes up my sleeve are in a way a walk in the park, don’t worry about just and, you know, it went really well. It was really well received. I had lots of downloads on the first day.

So you know, within my membership, superhero marketing, I actually teach how to start, launch and maintain a podcast, because it is a huge deal. But that was something that I learned, maybe in the future if you are listening to this, and you are at that point where I was in my life, don’t start a podcast when you’re like 38 weeks pregnant, just don’t do it. I’m laughing about it now. But we are 100 episodes in now, which is massive. But that was the first thing that I learned. And then, you know, I sort of stopped doing it for a little bit because I lost my way as you do when you are continuing to run your business and you have a new person just in your house. And it was a lot of adjusting. So that kind of was on the backburner for a little bit. 

That’s why we’re just at 100 episodes now, because I just couldn’t do it and who would have thought. So that is the first thing that I learned. And then you know, there’s been some beautiful things along the way. So I have had the pleasure of interviewing some amazing guests, both within Australia and also big ones internationally, which have been amazing and beautiful for the podcasts. So every time there is somebody new that is of no relevance to the audience. It’s amazing in terms of downloads, and you know, the solo episodes, I’ve had a look as well at which ones have performed the best. And it’s such a funny thing to look back at stats because things that you think will perform well, sometimes tank and then other things that you think ah, I don’t really know how this will go. This isn’t a super planned episode by me, I’m just gonna wing it ,it does so well. 

So there you go, you just kind of don’t know, you’ve got to do your research what the market is, you know, looking for and what’s trending at the time, what are people searching, there’s lots of tools to be able to do this, lots of listing tools and lots of tools on that, you know, AI and the internet provides. And I do speak a lot about the tools that I use inside my business, which really helped, I guess, the trajectory up of the podcasts. So when you do your research, you know, obviously, you’ve done your due diligence, and that, you know, your plan and things to go well, based on trending topics, etc.

So, it’s been super fun, I don’t actually have a tally of how many guests I’ve interviewed, I probably should have looked at that. But I don’t think that’s important, I kind of work on a ratio now of four solo episodes to one guest expert. Because what I found is, this podcast is about, you know, marketing, strategy, business, confidence. And that’s kind of my zone of genius. And so I want to share with you as much as I possibly can. 

And so that is the way that I work. This podcast is to have a few solo episodes, so that you can really learn and I can help to educate and upskill you and then have a guest so that you can learn new things. And also discoverability, right, because I would love my audience to educate. You know, I love you guys to educate yourselves. That’s one of my highest values. So if I can help you, by bringing in guests as well, that will upskill and educate you and make you think about things differently, then that’s the objective around guests. And they also will come in to complement what I do, because essentially, this is my podcast, it’s such a funny thing, I get pitched a lot for people to come on my podcast. And I often think, wow, there’s lots of people who want to come on to talk about marketing, and if you have a podcast, this is just me being raw and real. 

Like, why would you come on my podcast to talk about something that I do, I think it’s just crazy. So yeah, that’s what happens in the back end. And then I have worked really hard to get this off the ground to where it is now. So I have the ability to choose who as a guest, I think would be a really great fit for you guys, the listeners to listen to. So everything and everyone that I talk about and talk to everything I talk about, and everybody I talked to as a guest will always compliment and value adding to what I have to give. So it’s always quite strategic when people come in.

So just know that I always have your best interests at heart, which is nice. And I love to, I don’t always look at this, but I did look at this, before I started recording. There’s lots of reviews on the podcast, which, you know, when you’re caught up in the day to day of running a podcast, it is not something that I check at all. And so I am very surprised with what’s there. 

Once I didn’t know that we’re there, there were almost 50 reviews, which is so nice. But I’ll read some of them, some of the more recent ones to you because it’s so nice to reflect on what people think about the podcast, because essentially, it’s just me here talking into the microphone. And I don’t know if people like what I have to say or not really unless you leave a review. And reviews really helped to have this podcast reach more people in more people’s ears because you know, in the back end, like Apple podcasts, recognize the more reviews that you have, the more plays that you have, then it must be relevant content to what you say that you do. And so they will organically push it out to more people. That’s what happens. And that’s how people chart in the top podcasts. So the more reviews and the more plays that the podcast gets, the more recommendations it will have to new audiences, which is what we want, right. So you know, it’s not a monetized thing. 

So this is out of the goodness of my heart and it’s a really lovely value add to my business. So if you don’t have a podcast I see the USA would consider it, I think it’s the best thing I’ve ever done for my business. So if you’re looking at it from a marketing funneling perspective, which is what I did, originally, it was a strategic move, it basically is at the beginning. So it’s at the beginning of your funnel, because it’s that is, it means it’s very easy for people to access, it’s kind of like a book.

So a book is cheap. It’s, you know, around $30. And it’s very attainable, a podcast is free. And it’s very attainable for attracting new people, or, you know, you just, you really don’t know who this thing is and where they’re coming from. So it’s at the start of your funnel, basically, where people can get a taste of what you do for free. And they come in, and they listen to your podcast. And you know, podcasts are great because your voice is in their ears. 

And so you know, like you guys, you come in and listen to what I have to say every week, which I am so grateful for. And then if you like what I have to say, and that’s like any podcast that you listen to, then you might stalk me a little bit further and go and download one of my amazing, valuable free resources that I have on my website, there’s a fair few of them, which might help you in your business, and then that gets you on my email list, which then I get to talk to you a bit more, because that’s considered a warm audience.

And then, you know, if you need what I have to offer, then you may very well come on to be a customer. So that is basically the customer journey of how people come into a small business owner’s world through a podcast and then continue on through their funnel or customer journey, so to speak, to become a client, which I find to be really interesting. 

And it’s been one of the best things I’ve done and also opens up so many more contacts, because then, you know, 100 episodes in now you kind of build some street cred, and people will easily have you as a guest on their podcast, because you must be doing something right to get to 100 episodes, right? So it opens up new audiences for you, and gives you really quite a lot of leverage to appear as a guest for new audiences, which is top of funnel activity, right? Reaching, doing one thing and reaching so many more people.

And then, you know, having that many episodes must mean that I know what I’m talking about. And I must be good at what I do. And that is true. So I’m really, I’ve worked really hard to get here. And, you know, it hasn’t been the easiest thing to add into my business as a layer. Because it does take up so much time now that you might be surprised by this. 

But I used to have someone that edited every podcast every single week. And then, you know, they kindly said to me, Hey, I can teach you how to do this yourself if you want to learn. And then they were quite busy, so it didn’t matter. And so I said yes, sure, why not? If it’s easy enough, I will give it a go. So I was taught how to Top and Tail my podcast myself, it’s so easy.

And then yeah, exporter, export, soundbites, things like that I use GarageBand as my tool. But you know, like anything new that you learn, it’s really hard at the start until you get the hang of it, and you get to know the flow and then it becomes your routine when then it becomes really easy. So like anything you do in marketing, putting yourself out there, like it’s really difficult to reach out to the media, if you’ve never done it before, if you don’t know what to say, and if you don’t know how to follow up. 

So these are a few little feathers I have in my cap around how to do this. And they checked it for me too, in terms of quality and you know, the way the audio overlays and the music overlays at the beginning and at the end of the podcast so I think that I really did get quite lucky there to have some help and the audio is like oh legitimately license to what it needs to be so I do everything myself with this podcast, not me physically anymore, but my team, my internal team, so I don’t use an external podcast editor and seems to be going really well. So you know if you want to know the how, what, where when and all the things on the inside of that. 

The Doors actually to my membership. And I really want to shout this from the rooftops opening on the 19th of March, which is in. I don’t even know how many days are not that many days long, two weeks less than two weeks, which I’m super excited about. And with that comes a marketing makeover challenge that I am running for three days it is live.

So if you want to join that challenge to learn, please come along, you can register for that through my website or through my Instagram, it’s available. It’s a three day challenge, it starts on the 20th of March, and then 21st. And then on the 22nd, over three days it will be recorded. So if you cannot make it at the 11 am time slot that is on, you have a certain 48 hour window to listen to the recording, and then it’ll be off. So I get it, people can’t come but you still might be interested to learn. 

And it’s just such a beautiful way, I guess, if you are stuck with your marketing, to be in a place to be able to take over your marketing and have me in your back pocket for free to help you. So I’m just going to find what is part of the challenge so I cannot miss a thing for you. So the first day, you’ll learn how to establish your marketing foundations. The second day, you will learn how to completely align your digital assets, positioning and your digital footprint.

And day three, you will learn how to optimize your content to increase sales. So that’s what we’ll do across three days. Now, this is a framework that I’ve built inside my business that I help my clients with. And I also now want to teach you to learn how to do this, right. So you can do it yourself. And if yo membership is launching. And this is a celebration as part of that launch, I only ever opened the doors to the membership for seven days at the start and you know, again, it’ll be open at the end of the year, so twice this year. 

Because, you know, I think a lot of effort goes into launching, and it’s pretty special. So if you are all sitting on the fence on what activities and strategies to create inside your business, to have the biggest impact and the biggest growth with the least amount of time and effort on your part, then superhero marketing is definitely the marketing for you. Sorry, the membership for you. And it’s so much fun. I’ve got such a beautiful community there.

The machinations of that is I do teach a master class at the beginning of every month. And then I have a coaching Q&A Call the third week of every month, and I have guest experts and I have a social media content plan every single month for you to basically just use, like look at what I know and use inside your business. It has the date days that are up and coming for the month. 

Because let’s be honest, we all forget what we’re like when this is happening until the day and then you’re like dammit, I could have had some good content for that. But I forgot that it was happening. And I’m too busy today to do anything, because I run a business. It also has story ideas for Instagram, real ideas. So video ideas and caption posts. So there’s a lot in that content plan. And that’s every month so there’s resources and ebooks and templates and all sorts of things in there too. There’s a lot of Canva templates next month, 

I’m teaching all my Canva hacks which I have so many because I just love the absolute shit out of that platform. So that’s what I’m teaching in the month of April, which I’m also very excited about. There’s a lot happening which is super cool. So anyway, I wanted to let’s go back to reading out some beautiful reviews so Daisy has written on the podcast easy to follow marketing advice. If you’re in need of some small business marketing guidance this podcast is super helpful. Hayley is full of wisdom and listening to this podcast offers practical advice to help you move forward in your business. That is so nice. I get so funny reading these out but how nice is this and then Gem has written clear and practical love this podcast for marketing tips and tricks. Haley brings a fun vibe and gives clear and practical expert advice. 

That is so nice and then teeny No. Social media advice made simple, finally a podcast that breaks it down in a language I can understand. Oh that’s so nice of you. 20 minute episodes are perfect for retaining information and love the recap at the end of knowing I can download the notes from the website to print and jot my thoughts down on a great mix of all social media and marketing. And as I said, it is simple to understand a language to implement quickly. That’s beautiful. What else have we got here? There’s so much, Vicki gives great advice in easy steps. I really enjoyed this episode. I thought the advice was really actionable and clear. I’m looking forward to listening along. 

Amazingly , I don’t know how to say this. I love this podcast and it has helped me grow my business so much. One from Chelsea 100% recommended every minute. Great tips and tricks for all business owners love the name of this one too. I can’t wait for more episodes. That’s so nice. Jordy is funny and clever. A great Listen, can’t wait for the next one. Josh, what a fantastic podcast. Hayley provides valuable and engaging advice on all things social media. The show is packed with helpful hints and tips with guests ranging from a wide range of industries keep them coming, Hayley. There’s a lot so I’m not going to read them all. But how lovely or that makes me feel so nice.

And it’s also a bit funny reading them out, right. But here we are 100 episodes in and what can I say? So the best episodes if we have a look at a bit of a recap on what are the best episodes that have been played. And I will say I think there’s one of my business tools that did really really well which seemed to get great downloads. And then I saw another one here ,so how to make over your whole Instagram in seven steps. That one did amazing.

 That was episode 62. And then if we agree back a little bit and have a little bit more, this is the golden nugget for your local area marketing. That’s episode 52, have a listen to that. And another one, which is episode 50. How to Make sure marketing is not the thing holding you back but instead propelling you forward. That was a really good one. There’s so many and I’ve had some beautiful guest episodes as well. So I’ve had Claire Wood on the podcast, I’ve had Kate Train, I’ve had Brookville, I’ve had Chad Hetherington who just sold his US agency advertising agency to essential which is one of the biggest in the world. He’s been on my podcast, which is super cool. 

Then another really big one was the value of a social media strategy. That one had amazing downloads. And what else have we got here? How to build a strong business, how to build a strong business with limited time. That’s episode 55. So if you haven’t listened or gone back and had a listen to some of these episodes, go and have a little look at some, you know, history of the Hayley Osborne show because there’s been some cool guests and there’s been some, you know, I’ve delivered a very large amount of solo episodes. I was gonna say swear words to them but I was like, don’t say that Hayley, because no. And yeah, there’s lots of golden nuggets here. 

So I give away lots of information on how you can grow and leverage your small business in terms of marketing and digital marketing and just business in general because I have been doing this for quite a long time. So I’ve been running this business for six years. But I’ve had two other businesses along the way, which have been super fun and taught me so many lessons. And I yeah, I can’t wait to continue this podcast. 100 episodes is massive.

If you want to come along and learn on how to just be better at your marketing and step it up and make over your marketing, you can work with me live for free across three days. So I’m sure I always allow question time at the end. So if you want to come along and learn, and also ask me questions on how I do things, if you’ve any burning questions, Register now for the marketing makeover challenge across three days from the 20th to the 22nd of March, it will be delivered live by me. So it’s pretty cool. 

And it’s in conjunction with to celebrate doors opening to the membership superhero marketing my signature membership, which officially opens on the 19th of March. So that is super cool. There’s a bunch of you’re already on the waitlist, there is a waitlist if you want to join as well. And pretty much the waitlist if you join the waitlist and then you go on to join the membership within that 48 hour prior to doors opening window. There’s three beautiful bonuses in there that you will get if you join prior to doors opening. So that’s why I say join the waitlist because you don’t want to miss out on those. So one of them is a 60 Minute one on one strategy session with me. They are invaluable at basically getting you kicked to greatness and running your marketing like a boss. 

The second one is a bonus 14 Day Live video strategy Canva template and the third one is a bonus 100 affirmations to manage your mindset around marketing. Okay, which is huge, because I feel like it’s the mindset that holds a lot of us back when it comes to our marketing. And so this is why I needed to include that here. So they’re three if you join the waitlist. Anyway, with that said, I’ve got to go and do some things. And I hope you’ve enjoyed this 100th episode from me, and I will see you next week for another episode of The Hayley Osborne show. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed listening to this episode. If you have hit subscribe so you don’t miss any new episodes released every Tuesday. And while you’re there, leave me a review. I would absolutely love to read it. Also, don’t forget to tag me at Hayley K. Osborne over on Instagram and share this post with your audience so they can learn to share. If you want more, head over to Hayley forward slash podcast for today’s show notes and links to catch you next week for another episode of The Hayley Osborne show.


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