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Episode 71: My story. 3 businesses later, 100’s of biz owners PLUS Superhero Marketing doors are OPEN!

June 19, 2023

You are listening to the Hayley Osborne show with me, Hayley, your host. This is your place to learn how to become the superhero marketer in your business to become the number one in your local community, both online and in your surrounding areas. Every week, I’ll be teaching you how you can achieve the best out of your marketing your business and be the most fearless superhero version of yourself. Small business owners are the backbone of the economy. And I’m here to demystify local area marketing to help you reach more customers, between myself from South Australia and my wildly inspiring guests from across the world. I’m so excited to discuss all things marketing your business with you. I believe in you. So let’s get started.

Today’s episode of the podcast is delightful and different. And also is out today to coincide with the doors opening to my signature experience. Superhero Marketing. It’s open right now. Yeah. Launch week is always big, bold and super fun. You’re probably thinking Why do I put in so much effort? Well, the reason is so you get a taste of what it’s like to work with me my energy as well as my knowledge in this industry. And this episode, as we get into it will showcase anyway, all the fun. It’s so exciting. Superhero Marketing is like my third baby. This is what I’m known for. I’ve put 15 years of business and marketing knowledge into this experience. My membership is the best programme to teach you how to become number one in your local community, both online and offline.

You gain access to me every month with live monthly Masterclasses, coaching calls plus templates, swipe copy, and a monthly Social Media Plan, which mind you is epic. It’s got Date Specific days so you don’t miss a thing. Because often when we are so busy working in our business, we miss those dates that fly by.

It’s got caption prompts; it’s got story ideas as well as real ideas. So everything is basically done for you. And this gets really great feedback. I’m so pumped to provide this every month inside the membership so it takes a hard workout for you. Inside are also different scripts and email templates. So you just copy and paste them into your own business. The hard work has been done so that you can reach the next level. Plus the greatest community of ambitious and amazing and lovely business owners.

The membership is open right now but it’s only open for eight days. And as of this episode, we are on day three. We officially have five days to go including today. Then it closes and the reason that it closes is so that I can work on supporting and creating results. For the small business owners inside the membership. This is really important to me.

So to coincide with this big week of fun, I’m running a free masterclass today. So this episode comes out in the morning, early, but the master classes are today so I wanted to share that with you if you feel like you are free today, which is Tuesday the 20th of June at 10 am Australian Central Standard Time. So that’s Adelaide time. If you’re in the eastern states that’s 1030 Your time. And the masterclass is to teach you the three best local area marketing strategies to increase sales.

So yes, it’s this morning. If you’re free, come along, you may learn something that will change the trajectory of your business. One of the most common questions I do get asked as well is what are the best local area marketing strategies Hayley to increase sales in my business. So I’m going to run you through my step-by-step three best local Area marketing strategies to increase sales in your business right now. I look forward to seeing you online and showing you all of the things that I can do to increase sales in your business right now. Success in you being a Superhero Marketer in your business is on its way. Also, because I get asked this question a lot, it will be recorded. If you can’t make it up the time you will get the recording link afterwards. So register anyway. There are a few bonuses in there. So if you want to register you might very well grab one of those so I don’t want you to miss out and you can register at

P.S. Did I say this already? The Superhero Marketing membership is open. Woohoo, have me as your marketing guru in your pocket to always bring the energy you need to show up and make a difference. Plus, cover all your marketing aspects and have you off to a flying start. That is the best place possible. I become your trusted adviser marketing BFF and hold your hand every step of the way to make sure your business flourishes with a plan that you’ve been longing For because that is where it’s at. It’s all in the planning and I’m here for it. Strap in if you haven’t already, as this week is already getting really, really loud, so join me over on Instagram if you want to have some fun register for my webinar. The masterclass is this morning at 10 am Adelaide time 1030. Eastern time. And I love to see you there. Register at

Hello, of my lovely, amazing friends. And welcome to another episode of The Hayley Osborne Show. I’m so glad that you are here. This is episode 71. And this episode, I’m going to tell you a little bit about me and my story. How did I get here? So how did I get to this place of running a business and have been running a business for the last six years? Oh, my gosh, it seems like a blink of an eye. And I thought that I’d never done an episode like this, where I will tell you my story and how I got here. I think it’s important to share that because then you can see you know, where I’ve been and how hard I’ve worked. You surprise yourself when you know you kind of speak about all the things that you’ve done and how I got here. I think that it’s nice to hear behind the scenes of someone’s journey because it kind of validates that person to their audience. And it makes you a real person and it makes people it makes you a trustworthy source that you are a real person. And then you haven’t just decided, ah, I like social media. And I like marketing. I’m just going to, you know, help people to achieve great things, things, and do it. No, no, I have worked so hard.

I have a background in marketing, and I have a marketing degree. I have all the things to be able to serve you with very strategic advice for your small business. I haven’t just woken up one day and decided that that looks like fun. I’m going to do it. No, I started my very first business at the age of 25. And now I’m 40. For those of you that follow me on Instagram, you will know I kind of celebrated it in a little bit of a big way. And since I was 25, I continued to build three successful businesses along the way. From fashion to candles to corporate, we’ll get into this a little bit later, marketing some of the world’s biggest alcohol brands and making my mark in the business world.

My second side hustle Hayley Kate, which is my personalised candle business to my successful corporate career, increases my business networks at an international level. And soon enough, I was coaching other business owners on how to create magnetic and authentic marketing strategies using storytelling as their superpower. And I haven’t looked back since I’ve grown a multiple six-figure business all while becoming a mama for the first and second time. I have two young boys. One is ten months and the other one is two and a bit. And it’s fun. I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s fun. I say that was such a cheeky smile. It’s fun.

I understand, though that, you know, small businesses are the backbone of our economies. And I’ve made it my mission to demystify local area marketing to help you reach more customers and have a bigger impact. I’ve helped hundreds of small business owners to grow their businesses by infusing their story and their personality into their marketing, coaching them around becoming more aligned with themselves and what they do, story sell. And it’s storytelling that you need to be doing to sell your service. I am the host of this podcast, the Hayley Osborne Show. And I’ve also been featured in some cool publications and work with some of the biggest businesses in Australia.

My flagship membership is Superhero marketing. The doors are open as we speak. This is where I teach you, service-based business owners, how to become the number one in your local community, both online and offline. This week is a really big deal for me when doors open and they’re open, and it’s gold, and it’s well received. And it’s exciting. It’s really exciting because if you want to grow your business, I honestly believe that there is no better place than this programme and this experience. My goal is to help as many small business owners as possible be as profitable as possible. Getting in front of your ideal clients and making sure that marketing is not the thing holding business owners back but instead propelling you forward that’s really important.

So how did I get started? So I had a fashion label back in 2008. Yeah, so that was before Instagram. So you can’t find it on Instagram because there was no Instagram. Crazy. I know there was Facebook, but there were no Facebook brand pages at that point, or they had just started and it was really new. So you won’t find it there either. I know this is crazy. So I started that label. It was a fashion label. I was nominated for Emerging Designer of the Year in 2009. In South Australia, I manufactured in China. I had national stockists. I did all the things, and I had two to three collections. And I started off just by sewing my own clothes. And obviously, I was younger, I was going out on a Saturday night and in, you know, when you go out, you’re in the toilet and girls talk and girls would say to me, where did you get that? And I would say I made it. And then it got me thinking maybe you know, this is my entrepreneurial self. Maybe I should have a market stall. Because I used to love going to markets back then. And I saw other people doing it. And I thought I could do that.

So I made a few dresses. And like asked to apply for a stall at a market. And I did and they sold out. And I had no formal training in fashion at that point. And then I did some more frantic sewing, and they sold out and it happened and happened and happened. And I thought, oh my god, maybe I should actually get some formal training on how to make clothes. So I did. And I got a diploma in fashion design. And then I got picked up by lots of different shops, maybe like 15 or so shops, and started stalking my line. It was called Hayley Kate. And then I got picked up by a national retailer. And they approached me. And then I thought to myself, I really can’t do this anymore on my own. So I got together my contacts and found a manufacturer in China. So they had their head office out of Hong Kong. So I made a few trips over there over the years. And then that’s kind of where it all fell apart. Because I grew the business so fast. Without any knowledge of running a business. I went headfirst into it as I do. And I was young, and I didn’t know what I was doing. And the fashion industry is fickle. And, you know, although it was profitable, I just lost my love for the industry. Because, you know, I was having to design a collection almost 12 months in advance of the season. And it just didn’t. I just lost its magic for me. And so I decided that wasn’t the goal anymore.

I moved to Sydney, and I got a job with a company called Brown Forman. They own the biggest alcohol brands in the world. So they own Jack Daniels, Southern Comfort, Chambord, Tequila Vodka, Finlandia, you name it, they own beautiful brands. And so I started off as the social media coordinator way back in. I think it was 2010 at that point. And they said. We want you to start off Instagram brand pages for Australia for all these brands. So I got to do that. I started them. You’ll see now that those Australian Instagram pages for those big brands have millions and millions of followers and I was the one that put it together. And then slowly, you know, worked my way through to the brand teams working on different parts of the business. And then Sydney decided to throw me back to Adelaide.

So that’s where I moved back to where I come from. And the reason I did that was because I was in a relationship there that fell apart. And then my brother had a baby and I was like you know what, I think it’s time to come home. So I came home and I worked for the lead agency for foreign direct investment into South Australia for the government headed up the marketing side of that and it was the best thing I ever did. And that was quite a corporate role and I was forced to be very, you know, serious in my role and absolutely loved it. It was like the best transition back into this state.

But I still needed that creative outlet. So I started a candle business. Yes, I make and made personalised soy candles. For those of you that don’t know you can look it up. It’s there. The websites are there. The Instagram is there. It is called Hayley Kate. It’s So that is my second business. So I come to the table with some serious business background, first product, then service. I can do both.

I had a serious corporate side too. So I used to write different things for the premier of South Australia at the time ministers. Like all sorts of things I used to attend, like the best press conferences, I sat almost in the front row when Elon Musk was here. It was so awesome. And it gave me some really good strategic corporate experience. And that is why I say that I work with service-based businesses because I have done a lot of it. But it didn’t sort of each the creative scratch that I had.

So I started a candle business. And that grew and grew and grew. Just because you know, that’s what I do. I had stockists all around Australia, and in the end, is professionally boxed. I went to lots of different trade fairs. When I took holidays, you know, don’t forget, I was single, I had no kids, I was just kind of running my corporate world and also running my business at the same time, which was the candle business. And both could be done really easily. The packaging is beautiful. And when I was at trade fairs, I would go to the Melbourne trade fairs and things that you’re I don’t know if you’ve ever been to a trade fair, but you’re with people that are running businesses alongside you that they’re also as exhibitors, for five straight days. And when there’s no one around you guys talk and everything. And then I picked up international clients from a marketing perspective, without having a marketing business because of what I did during the day. And that was just on the side because they really had no idea how to market their business. So I started helping them out. And I was doing it under my Hayley Kate business, which was the candle business. And that’s how it all started from that business.

Now, if you look up HayleyKateTheLabel, you’ll see that it’s there. But in the last three years, I’ve been having babies, and I love my business, Hayley Osborne, which is this business now, and I haven’t nurtured the candle business at all. I don’t want to make them any more. So you know, the website kind of sits there. And when I get orders, I feel them. And that’s kind of the way it works. I don’t make anything. I’ve just got this little brand that takes over like in the background sometimes. And I’m really happy with that. I would love to sell that business. So if anyone is out there listening and wants to buy a candle business just hit me up in my DMs on my @HayleyKOsborne Instagram account. If you’re looking to do that the website is stunning.

And that’s kind of how I started off marketing. And then, I quit my corporate job to go all in, in this business because I sort of had a few clients already. Organically, it started to happen. And then yeah, built a website for this business. And, you know, I started off with an Instagram account. And it used to be called Social Soul. So I predominantly offered social media management at that time.  You would have seen if you’d been following me for a while the evolution of this business. So, you know, now by my backstory, that I’m a marketer and brand chick and not just social media. Digital media is a big part of marketing these days. I’ve done lots of big brands on social media, especially Instagram. So that’s a little feather in my cap where it was social soul. And so now, that’s where it’s at. I found that more often than not, businesses would come to me saying they need to work on their social media. But really, it was a bigger business marketing problem.

That’s why I changed the name from Social Soul to Hayley Osborne. And I haven’t looked back. And I will say that I know for a fact that personal brands grow quicker than named brands like that. So that’s why the changes well, and you know, so I’ve absolutely loved having those businesses, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

That’s where I am today. And I have had two kids in the last three years. And this business just served me so well. I have met some absolute powerhouse humans in my years of running this business and years in corporate. I have a marketing degree. And funnily enough, like I also started off from school. I have an undergrad art degree because I had no idea what I wanted to do. And back then, it wasn’t there wasn’t anything really for entrepreneurs or all the business sort of stuff that was offered at uni and even like, outside of uni, they just, it’s not what it is now. And I feel like there are so many more things that you can do now, especially if you’re a business owner starting out or an entrepreneur, like, I don’t believe that university or a TAFE course or anything like that is the only way to move forward. If anything, if there is any way, it is joining something like my membership to give you all the tools that you need to power through in your business. And it also educates you along the way with the master classes that I teach and the guest experts that come in to teach you. I’ve had you know, money, mentors, mindset, mentors. You name it. I’ve had best-selling authors, and I have had so much goodness come into the membership.

I think that because I have been very well connected in my corporate life that has set up this business as well for success. So there’s a lot more that I have in store for you through some amazing contacts that I have that will be coming into teach as guest experts inside the membership. And you know, it’s taken me 15 years to be able to bring the seats that I’ve had at really high-level tables to you. Because you can’t sometimes you can’t pay for those seats at those tables. So, that’s another huge bonus of just being in this industry for such a long time is that if you’re new in business and if you want to grow your small business, it is hard to get those seats at those tables. So that’s why I also started the membership to you because I wanted to bring there was all this goodness sitting here that I have access to that wasn’t going anywhere. So I really wanted to bring it to the table. And showcase like all of the feathers in my cap and all the bows in my strings that I have the strings in my bows because I want to make it easy for you. And that’s kind of my story.

I am really looking forward to getting married in August this year. It has been three years in the making. We are a product of COVID. I was supposed to get married in August 2020, but then COVID happens so the wedding got cancelled we decided to have kids instead. And so here we are. I think we’ve sent out three wedding invites now through a series of cancellations etc, etc. But we’re doing it. It’s finally happening and I’m so excited. And that’s really my story.

 This week, the doors are open to my signature membership Superhero Marketing and I could not be more pumped. It is an actual epic container. A beautiful experience for small business owners. The doors are open now for you to join. I would love to have you.

I am running a free masterclass. If you would love to join me, I would absolutely love to have you. It is Tuesday the 20th of June at 10 am. Adelaide time. And I’m inviting you to come along. I’d love to see you there. And I’m going to be sharing with you the three best local area marketing strategies to increase sales, where I’ll be teaching you my proven three strategies to grow your sales and therefore your tribe. I’m really beyond excited to be running this masterclass and sharing some really valuable information with you that will help you build your business and grow your bottom line. So that’s in two days time. That is the 20th of June at 10 am My time which is Adelaide time. So I would love to have you there. There are some epic golden nuggets of wisdom where you can learn and grow your business.

I really hope that you’ve enjoyed this episode of The Hayley Osborne show. It was a little bit different. I felt like you know, it’s episode 71. And I really felt like it was time for me to share my story so that you know where I’ve come from, my background, what’s got me into business, how many businesses I’ve had, and how I got started.

I’m glad that you listened. I’ve loved this episode so much. And if you have to, I’d love you to leave a review. It means the world to those of us that have podcasts; if you are listening, that’s how you can support and also share it on your social media so that more people can listen and also grow their businesses, which I absolutely love. That’s all for me guys, and I’ll catch you next week for another episode of The Hayley Osborne show.

I hope you’ve enjoyed listening to this episode. If you have hit subscribe so you don’t miss any new episodes released every Tuesday. And while you’re there, leave me a review. I would absolutely love to read it. Also, don’t forget to tag me @HayleyKOsborne over on Instagram and share this podcast with your audience so they can get learning too. If you want more, head over to for today’s show notes and links. I’ve also got an awesome free eBook a new one waiting for you on my website, the 10 Essentials every local area marketing plan needs and I will catch you next week for another episode of The Hayley Osborne show.

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