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Episode 51: How to make sure marketing is not the thing holding you back But instead propelling you forward!

February 27, 2023

Hello, my beautiful friends and welcome to another episode of The Hayley Osborne Show. I’m Hayley and I am so glad you’re here. This is episode 51. 

This podcast is for you if you want to grow your business. It’s for you if you are willing to take action. It’s for you if you are willing to get uncomfortable and take risks to grow. Because growth does not take money. Growth takes risk. Growth takes putting your neck out. 

You’ve got to break a few eggs to make an omelette.  

As we’re right on the edge of January turning into February, I wanted to break down that seemingly icky tricky word marketing right from the get-go. I don’t want it to be a word you cringe at or are afraid of, instead I want to dumb it right down, basically so you lean into it as an object that will help you to grow your business. Because when you grow your business, you grow your revenue and you grow your profit, which in turn brings you closer to your goals. 

Helping more people, creating a bigger impact, making a difference in the world, giving to charity, helping your family more. You name it, you can do it all when you grow. 

Growth gives you the freedom to choose. 

Who is that one person you are talking to? This is where we start the journey of leaning in. 

Pick one. Pick your favourite client. If you could have 50 of those exact clients…wouldn’t that be a dream? Do your research about them. What do they like, what don’t they like, where do they hang out the most? This is fundamentally understanding your target audience. interests, needs, values, and even pain-points can help you craft a message that resonates with them. 

Learning as much as you can about this person will damn right allow your communication to be bang on in capturing their attention and delivering the response you’re looking for to create an action. That action is to like you, love you and purchase from you. Consider you in their repertoire. 

Staying up to date on trends and changes within your target audience’s worlds will help keep communication fresh and relevant. Relevance is everything. Here’s where you up skilling yourself comes in handy BIG TIME.  

Ultimately, if you can effectively understand your target audience it will significantly increase engagement, connection, and loyalty. 

This is the aim of the game. Engagement creates trust. Trust builds relationships. Relationships create connection and connection builds loyalty. 

Loyalty my friends is what creates energetic sales. People want to buy from you because they love everything about what you’re putting out there. 

I’ve been through this exercise with my own business many times as I’ve grown and changed directions over the years and it’s honestly the best thing you can do for your business. Obviously, this takes sitting down and working on your business. But believe me, when you get in the zone, it’s a beautiful creative business baby love bundle to be in. 

How are you feeling about your messaging? When I say messaging, I mean the words on your website, the words on your social media, your story, your about section? This is basically everything in the written word that exists about you that people can read without you having a conversation with them. 

Do you feel in tune with it? 

Does it match your personality? Did it match your personality and now you’ve evolved and changed? Which means your words probably need an upgrade right. 

I have also done this many a times on my website and worked through this with how I show up on my social media. I will say this, and I have seen it time and time with businesses I’ve worked with over the years: When you are so close to your business, your website, your everything, you just can’t see it anymore which is why you need an outsider to take a periscope view of what it is you’re putting out there. Like working with a coach. 

I have had a few people starting to ask about my one-on-one coaching, so if this is something you think you might be interested in, flick me a DM on Instagram or send me an email. I’m pretty easy to reach. 

Another really important point I wanted to raise is: 

Utilise the right tools and platforms to reach your customers  

As a business, using the right tools and platforms to reach your customers is essential for success. This may not be Instagram for you. It might be LinkedIn. Facebook ads. Google Ads. Pinterest Ads. It might be a word of mouth strategy (and just a side note on a word of mouth strategy, I think this is by far the golden nugget of marketing. Especially local area marketing. If you don’t know what this is, how it could work for you, that is something I am going to talk about in next weeks podcast episode, so stay tuned. 

We digress, but going back to platforms and tools, understanding what is right for you is one of the best ways you can make sure your message is seen and heard by those it matters most to. 

From social media channels like Instagram, and Facebook to helpful advertising programmes like Google Ads, there are heaps of effective options out there that can help you garner more attention and grow your brand. 

Do you track your goals? 

If you’re really ready to lean into achieving great things within your business, tracking goals on a regular basis can be an incredibly powerful tool for achieving success. For the numbers, but also for your mindset. Business is hard. If it was easy everyone would do it. Those that are making 6 figures + per year are not sitting on a beach every day at the beginning of their business journey. They’re working super hard. 

Setting goals, both short and long term, helps to maintain focus and motivation. 

It’s helpful to keep track of goals in terms of rewards that have been achieved, or ongoing goals that still need working on. By tracking goals over time and having lasting references for measuring progress, it becomes easier to set and maintain meaningful goals that are achievable and will contribute effectively to the overall goal. 

Breaking down larger goals into smaller steps makes those goals more manageable and allows for quick successes along the way. 

Within my membership, Superhero Marketing I encourage everyone to share their wins every week because it’s super motivating, and it makes you take a step back and actually see how far you have come in a week and how much you have achieved, even if it feels like you were pushing the pen around, email after email. There is always success in there and needs to be celebrated. 

Make sure you have a budget for marketing activities 

When it comes to marketing activities, budgeting is an essential aspect of ensuring the success of your marketing endeavours. Having a budget for marketing activities gives you greater insight into how much you can spend and allows you to plan ahead and make important decisions regarding marketing investments. 

Not only that, but by developing a budget you’re better able to track performance outcomes over time so you can adjust as needed. With a clear understanding of your marketing budget, every decision will be super informed and made with confidence. 

Remember: your learning curve becomes shorter when you surround yourself with the right tools and the right people.  

If you have any questions about anything I’ve said, or want to share your plans for 2023 with me, feel free to drop me a DM on Instagram @hayleykosborne which is where I hang out the most. I’m always up for a great chat. 

xx Hayley 

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