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Episode 17: Cracking the code on building trust in your business (here’s how!!)

May 2, 2022

It’s not just a great strategy that builds trust among your audience, it’s so much more. In today’s episode I discuss the power of having the right mindset and belief to help you in your quest to cracking the code and building trust. I also give you LOTS of juicy trust building questions to answer, so you’re well on the way to getting yourself out of that funk.




Episode 17 – Cracking the code on building trust in your business (here’s how!!)

Hello, my awesome soul inspired friends and welcome to The Hayley Osborne Show. Episode 17, I am so happy you’re here.

Today I want you to just absorb what I am going to say wholly and truly.

Cracking the code on building trust in your business.

I speak a lot about the perfect mix of your content being educational, inspirational, or entertaining, but the underlying foundations of all of this is to build trust in your business.

It’s super easy to just say “oh hey you, you need to build trust in your business in order for people to trust you, to even buy from you” and then to even consider you in their repertoire. Just go on, go build some trust in your business and then, like magic, it’ll just happen. Ah no.

Actually doing it…. creating your brand around trust building and when you’re literally in the trenches, writing sentences that showcase you are trustworthy, is a whole other thing. Extracting that information from yourself is a whole other thing.

The reason I wanted to talk about this is because for many of us, this is really hard.

So howwww do we do it?

How do we do it with ease, without it always feeling so push and pull?

In the true name of what I decided to call this podcast, “cracking the code”, well to really break it down for you…there is no specific code. AND anyone that tells you they can achieve this for you quickly and easy, I’m sorry to say but they’re talking some serious BS. There is no quick way up the line to success, to building trust within your business and therefore your audience.

There are simply many things you need to do in order to become a trustworthy business and brand.

Many things you need to do consistently might I add that will all help you become a trustworthy brand.

Consistency is one of the things that let’s majority of us down. We live in a world now where we want everything yesterday. Our technology is served up to us instantly and we expect our results to be just the same. But unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that. It always always comes back to being consistent and persistent with everything you do. Fun right!

PART 1 – Your personal life trust building:

Firstly, you’ve really got to sit down and analyse what you are and aren’t prepared to share when it comes to your personal life. This is always a big one and comes up a lot with my clients, because most of the time they always say to me “but I’m such a private person, I don’t want to share everything about myself”. The good news is, you don’t have to.

You have to make a list of what you are and aren’t prepared to share of yourself.

This really comes down to a few things: Having a clear strategy around how you are actually going to achieve this and also, it’s so much more than just having a strategy now. The strategy is a starting point and entry point, be it a small piece at that. The other much bigger piece is inside you and your belief that you can actually do this and you can deliver amazing trust within your business by deciding on what you are willing to share in and around your life in order to achieve this. It’s the belief in yourself that creates that trust.

So where are you going to invest and spend time in your business in order to build that trust and how are you going to do it? The how is the strategy. If you don’t have this you will most definitely keep going around and around in the same circle wondering why this is so hard for you and why, still, has this not started to get easy and feel easy.

Everyone talks about this stuff being so easy. The ease comes when you have a plan. When you have a guide and when you have a strategy. Without this, say hello to the roundabout merry go round of mixed messages and content on the constant. Then you have to trust yourself to execute and activate what you started and what you want to achieve.

We want the SOUL baby!

The first few questions you need to answer in order to cracking that code on building trust in your business are:

  1. About me

About me is such a minefield though right. I can hear you saying it now, “yeah Hayley, that’s all well and good but what exactly do I say about me”? Am I right or am I right? I hope you are laughing right now in agreeance, just get to the juicy stuff. Some of the things I like to use as prompts to help me answer this question (because hey, how long is a piece of string) and they might help you too are things like:

  • How do you spend your Monday morning? First coffee then the things. Do you exercise in the morning? Are you wrangling children? Do you like to meditate? Do you write a journal?
  • When do you plan your week ahead? Are you the planning type on a Sunday night before the week starts? Do you write your to do list on a Monday morning? When is this time for you? You may think this is menial, but these little things are those trust building activities.
  • How do you spend your Sunday morning? What are you up to on your Sunday morning? Is your favourite thing to do on a Sunday to slow right down? Are you having a coffee or cup of tea at home? Do you go out with your friends on a Sunday for coffee and brunch?
  • What keeps you afloat being able to do what you do? Are there certain people in your life that keep you grounded and afloat? Is this your other half? Is it your cleaner? Your lawn mower man? Your parents? What is that one thing that keeps you grounded?

These are little things about you that create those cracking pieces of content, while building trust with your audience at the same time. You may not realise it, but these are the golden nuggets that build the trust our audiences are so longing to find.

2. My why

  • How do you relax after a day’s work?
  • What’s your happy place to unwind?
  • What makes your hard work all worthwhile?
  • Who are you grateful for in your world

3. Personal Insights

PART 2 – Your business and trust building:

This should be the easier part for you. This is all about your business. The inside of your business. Your product, your service, all the good juice on your business. It’s your job to provide your audience will ALL the information on this because you have a business right! Which is why you’re listening to this in the first place right? It’s not a hobby. So therefore, you need to sell it. Sell it with gusto. If you’re not selling your product or service, then you’re not really making anyone aware of it to be able to buy from you and transact with you.

Ask yourself the following questions:

4. What is your mission

  • This should be an easy one for you to answer, because you should already know the answer to this.

5. Behind the scenes

  • What lives behind your computer screen?
  • What really goes on behind the scenes in your business?
  • What does your computer home screen look like?
  • Do you work from home?
  • What problems do you have to overcome this week to achieve a particular goal?

6. Encouragement

  • If you’re having a rough time this week, explain to your audience why and what you do to make yourself feel better
  • Where do you go when you need to give yourself a pep talk?
  • Who gives you the encouragement to keep going?
  • What gets you out of bed in the morning?

7. Showcasing your product or service

  • What are the benefits of working with you?
  • What are your prices? Do people have to invest heavily to work with you or is there an entry point?
  • What is a fact about your business that your audience may be surprised by?
  • What makes your business stand out among the masses? Why are you different? How does your product or service fill the gap in the market?

8. Benefits

  • How do you make people’s lives easier?
  • What can your audience count on your product or service for the most?
  • Describe a client testimonial and why they gave you so much love. What did you do for them? What product did they purchase? How will they benefit from this?

You have absolutely more than enough to get you going well on your way to cracking that invisible code on building trust in your business. You’re probably in the car right now, or just not at your desk at all, which is how I consume all my podcast listening. So you can visit my website to find all the questions I asked you to answer if this has really inspired you to crack that metaphoric code and start to build some real trust within your business.

A beautiful follow on from this episode is introducing a brand-new product I have built called “90 Days of Cracking Content”. Here lies your key to getting the attention you deserve on your social media.

Attention helps you become top of mind.

Attention creates action.

Attention creates sales.

Sales means your business is moving in the right direction.

Here lies the inspiration you need to add that soul into your social media and really bang out some amazing captions to have you building trust within your audience that I know you so badly want to start seeing.

Within “90 Days of Cracking Content” lives the glue and beginning of your inspiration to take inspired action every day and run with it, not having to worry or panic because you don’t know what to post, and what to write exactly without sounding like that “same same stuff” all the time. **Trust me**, I know what this feels like!

Soulful content, that good juice, that inspiring juice, the stuff that gets attention, that stops traffic and therefore creates sales. But I know from experience that it takes time to perfect and perfect again. Because practice makes perfect every single time.

I want you to get off that crazy spinning wheel of not posting from one day to the next and take action.

The perfect mix of your content building TRUST:




Say hello to that KNOW LIKE TRUST factor! It’s arrived.


This will go direct to your inbox for just $47.

What you get:

  • 45 personal prompts
  • 45 business prompts
  • Delivered to your inbox straight away, hello copy and paste and starting immediately so you don’t miss another day.
  • All packaged up in a beautiful workbook for you to save or print, as well as a usable document as I’m all about making it easy for you! Time is money baby and if it’s not easy, then we’re less likely to do it! So let’s do this thing and use the CRACKING CONTENT to CRACK THE CODE and settle into your own magic, being consistent and making sales along the way.

Every piece of content can be multipurpose across all of your marketing platforms including, email, facebook ads, posts, reels, stories and more.

So, this week I want you to, CRACK THE CODE with CRACKING CONTENT. 90 days of it to be precise.

AND that, very much concludes this episode my lovely friends and thank you so much for listening.

I really do hope this episode has helped you to move forward in your business in one way or another. Helped to motivate and inspire you to continue to grow your business in 2022.



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