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EPISODE 110 | Control Your Money Grow Your Confidence with Erin Davis

May 21, 2024

Together we agree that when you’re in control of your money, everything else inside your business is much easier and walks taller. You are much more confident in your decisions which therefore helps you to step into your true self in the way you market your business to the rest of the world. It all stems from these fundamental foundations.

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0:00 – Introduction to guest Erin Davis and announcement of Hayley’s new Superhero Storytelling experience

05:42 – Erin introduces herself and her business helping women stay in control of their money

06:17 – Erin discusses why she started her business and what she currently offers clients

07:03 – Hayley asks what percentage of business owners are women and struggle with financial fears

08:40 – Erin says over 80% of women in her classes have financial fears or questions they hide

10:04 – Hayley and Erin discuss tips for overcoming initial financial fears

11:37 – Erin’s tips for overcoming fears like accepting not knowing everything and asking questions

13:17 – Hayley asks about strategies for building financial confidence

15:29 – Hayley agrees financial confidence is foundational for business success

16:20 – Erin shares tips for creating financial wellness in a business

19:37 – Erin discusses the importance of financial confidence for decision making

20:01 – Erin explains how financial confidence allows being open to opportunities

21:34 – Hayley switches topics to ask why Erin invested in private coaching

22:27 – Erin discusses investing to gain clarity and fast track her business

23:27 – Erin valued the accountability, action steps, and results of private coaching

24:55 – Hayley asks about Erin’s fears of working with a private coach

26:42 – Erin discusses overcoming mindset blocks and gaining confidence

27:08 – Erin is grateful for her coach’s belief and support of her

28:35 – Hayley affirms Erin’s talents and the momentum she has created

30:37 – Hayley asks about client wins since refining Erin’s offerings

32:51 – Erin discusses positive outcomes and opportunities coming to fruition

34:47 – Erin provides details on how listeners can connect with her

Hayley Osborne

Hello, and welcome back to another episode of The Hayley Osborne show.

I am really glad that you are here. This is episode 110. And I have a beautiful guest expert with you today. Her name is Erin Davis. And before I get started to talk about Erin, as my little intro, I just want to talk about one of the best things I’ve ever done for growing my business. 

And that is getting really clear in my story. My story has changed over the years from where I started my business to where I am now. And I’ve had to morph and change with the times. And with that, I wanted to introduce you if you haven’t already heard, the new four week experience of mine is live and ready for you to come along and join. It is called superhero storytelling.

And I have designed this for small business owners, entrepreneurs and thought leaders who are ready to discover the superpower inside their business and frame it into a super dynamic story to tell clear storytelling, beautiful messaging, and an increase in sales. 

So within this experience of mine, you will learn the best frameworks and tools I’ve built and created to develop what my story is today. So you can use them in your business to create your story.

It’s been designed by me to help you understand your unique strengths and how to harness them through storytelling. And you know, you want to be a storyteller with strategic thought. And that is the key to growing your business.

I’ve worked with so many business owners over the years. And this is the one thing that keeps coming up that I have found as massive blocks. And once this element is nailed, the rest becomes so much easier. So join me for this beautiful four week experience. We start on June 11.

You can go to superhero Now to enroll doors are open, I would love to see you.

This is the first time I’ve ever done a short course like this. So it’s four weeks with a bonus five weeks for accountability, a cut like a month or two down the track. 

I’m going to see how we go just because I know that when you do things you do have questions. And so we will be live every single week for four weeks. And there’s a heap of bonuses and a heap of beautiful things if you wanted to have a look into it at superhero

We start this experience on the 11th of June. So I would love to absolutely welcome and see you there.

So today, let’s get into the episode. I have the most beautiful human joining me on the podcast. Her name is Erin Davis, and she helps women stay in control of their money so they can step into the rest of their life with confidence. Erin is actually a private coaching client of mine as well. 

And we’ve been working together for a little while to really nail her marketing and messaging her story. And just package this up into something so beautiful, where her footprint is aligned. She has completely nailed her marketing foundations.

And she is now you know, stepping into all of that across all of her marketing. I’m really proud of her. She’s a qualified accountant with over 30 years experience and she’s helped businesses manage millions of dollars and become financially strong but it’s not about the numbers for her. She knows that being in control of your money. 

You walk taller, you’ll smile more. And you’ll feel pretty amazing because as women, everything is connected to everything and she helps women become their most confident self in their work, money and play and she does this through her financial wellness programs her high level one on one coaching and her own poor cast, which is coming soon, but I’ll let her talk about all of that with you.

But what I want to talk to you about is, we talk about how to overcome financial fears, we go into detail on how to build financial confidence in this chat and how to do business the female way, right? Because there is a different way. 

And females just do business differently, and you know, how to create financial wellness. So without further ado, let’s get into today’s episode. Hello, Aaron, and welcome to the Hayley Osborne show. I’m so glad that you joined me today.

Erin Davis

Thank you, thank you for having me. No,

Hayley Osborne

This is gonna be a good conversation. So Aaron and I have known each other a while. And Aaron is money and confidence. And I have just given her a stellar introduction before this. 

But I’m, I want you to introduce yourself, in your own words, because you are a powerful woman, this is going to be a beautiful interview and give our guests so much to learn, and so much knowledge bombs to think about, but tell us who you are? What do you do?

Erin Davis

So I’m Erin, I am a money mindset coach for women. And I really just help women stay in control of their money, so they can step into the rest of their life with confidence. And being an accountant for over 30 years, I have seen a lot of women come to me that don’t understand their money, they have issues with their mindset, their confidence is so up and down. 

And I just really love that space of being able to help women, own their money stories, own what’s going on in their business, and then really just step into that confidence. So they can just deliver their gifts to the world.

Hayley Osborne

With so many years doing what you’ve been doing as an accountant, why did you start your business? Tell, tell me about your business? And what are you currently doing?

Erin Davis

So my business came about pretty much from me, wanting more, wanting to be able to give more and connect more deeply to the people that I work with.

Accounting helps people in a in a way, because there’s so much compliance that we need to do and so many things, but the coaching that I do the one on one coaching and the strategies, the financial wellness strategies, and my courses just really connect on a much deeper level, and really make a huge difference to to the woman that I help plus also everybody that she comes into contact with, because when she’s able to own her money stories, and just really have that confidence about him money, everything changes.

So I really get a buzz about that deep level connection and being able to support people on a deeper and more connected level.

Hayley Osborne

So would you say that, like the majority, well, what’s the percentage of business owners that are female? Because that’s your target audience? Really, I mean, you help males too. But what are their percentages roughly like that you see of women that run successful businesses that have super massive fears around their finances.

Erin Davis

It’s hard to say about it, because a lot of women hide that. And it’s, I would say, the majority of the women that I speak to have those fears around their money. Some of them hide it a lot better than others.

And you can tell though, when they start to ask questions, or they start to talk about things, or we start to have some deeper conversations, that they really feel a lot of shame about not understanding their money because they run successful businesses.

They feel like they should know these things. And it just, it just means that they’re pretending that they’ve got it all together, but they really don’t. So the percentage is hard because yeah,

Hayley Osborne

I the reason that I asked you it is hard, but the more the reason that I was more asking you is because there’s probably a lot of women that are listening that run businesses that go oh, I should know this stuff better and I’m going to sound dumb if I don’t, if I own up to not understanding this as much as what I shouldn’t I don’t want to come across as silly.

And so that’s why I asked you is there’s there’s probably a lot more people that run businesses that are in this kind of sticky situation that are We, you know, don’t admit, I guess, yeah, I

Erin Davis

I would say, over 80% of the women that I’m in class have those sticky questions, or they have that sticky, icky feeling that they can’t ask questions. But I think when you’re in that safe, safe place, and you’re in that safe space, to be able to be vulnerable, and let down your guard a little bit, you can ask those questions. 

And that’s what I love to do is to be able to hold somebody’s hand, be their accountant in their back pocket, have them ask questions, and just really support them in whatever way that they need support, which is different for everybody.

Because some people might know some things but they don’t know other things. And looking at the confidence and the mindset that goes with it, I think it’s a holistic approach. I don’t think you can just have, you know, great financial literacy, but fall in these mindset and confidence spaces. 

Because as women, everything goes all together, everything is interconnected. And to be able to step into your business and be in flow, you need to have all three of those components really working well and humming, so that you can just be in flow and not be held back by these shame or guilt feelings of not knowing or not understanding.

Hayley Osborne

So what are some tips you can kind of give business owners to overcome those initial fears? I guess,

Erin Davis

I think it’s really just accepting that you don’t have to know it all. And we say that it’s okay not to know everything. And we encourage people to, to really own that. But I think you just have to give yourself permission to accept that it’s okay not to know everything.

And when you can let down your guard, and feel comfortable about asking questions, it will change everything, it reduces that mental load that we carry, that invisible load, that’s just so heavy. 

But that would be the first tip is make sure that you’re asking questions, and be comfortable with asking questions, be comfortable with not knowing at all. And it takes practice and the more you do it, the better you get. But find somebody who is supportive of you.

And where you don’t feel that judgment, because there are plenty of accountants and business coaches out there, that are just all about the numbers, they just get in, get it done. 

And they don’t really nurture their client and have their clients best interests at heart, they’re really just churning through, they get, you know, accounts are so busy, that compliance takes up so much time that they’re really just getting in and getting it done.

So find somebody that will spend the time with you. And we’ll nurture you and educate you at a pace that is suitable for you. Because everybody learns differently. So then you can start to really own what you know, and what you don’t know. And then look to improve your financial knowledge. So

Hayley Osborne

As an accountant, yourself, and also someone that is quite deep in the confidence space and building that confidence around your money, what are some, I guess, strategies to build, like confidence because there’s two parts to this, right?

There’s, there’s money, and then there’s confidence. So what are some things that business owners can do to kind of rewire? Ah, yeah. Everyone knows, too, right? Yeah,

Erin Davis

It is. And I think being confident is a way of being, it’s not just something that you can pretend and you can fake. So for me, being confident means that I put myself first. I know what I need to do to fill my cup. I love trail running. So I make sure that I spend time doing that.

I make sure that I spend time with my friends, and put myself into situations that challenge me and make me grow. So it’s different for everybody. 

But I think confidence is being around people that bring out the best in you. They’re the people that push you and challenge you. And look, not all challenges are great, because it puts you in that, you know, messy part in the middle where it feels really hard.

But the more you do it, the better you get. But then it is really going and unlearning and uncovering what is it that you think about yourself, what is the head chatter that’s going on? How is that impacting you? 

Becoming aware of when you’re talking to yourself because most of the time we don’t even realize that we have this head talk going on, it just becomes second nature. So it’s really becoming consciously aware of what it is that you’re thinking, and what are you doing and the actions that you’re taking every day to build yourself up and make yourself more confident and feel better about yourself.

Because when you feel good about yourself, the confidence just oozes. And you can just see it in people’s eyes when they feel confident. Yeah,

Hayley Osborne

And I think money and finances in business is one of the fundamental things that when you don’t have right, you lack confidence. It’s kind of the same as what I do around marketing, and messaging, and getting those marketing foundations. Right, I feel like the money side of things is more important, because that puts food on the table. 

And if you’re not confident about that, then you know, the rest kind of falls apart a little bit. So I think yeah, definitely, like the financial confidence comes from understanding your finances, you don’t necessarily have to do the work, right? Like I love being able to outsource stuff now. Because I’m not good at everything. But you

Erin Davis

Don’t have to be good at everything. You need to have an understanding of how it works, and be confident with what you’re looking at. So then you can know if something’s not right. And if it’s not right, how do I need to fix it? Or who do I need to ask to be able to fix it. And it’s not about knowing everything, because we can’t possibly know everything.

Hayley Osborne

So what are some of your top tips to create financial wellness in your business, as well as in your life?

Erin Davis

So in your business, I would have a great strategy around what it is that you need to do on a daily basis, weekly basis, basis, monthly basis, you know, what are those recurring things that you need to do it’s systems and processes, which feels pretty masculine, but you need to have the systems and the processes in place to then allow for the whitespace and the opportunity to be in flow.

So it’s balancing that feminine and masculine energy with the accounting side of things, I suppose. 

So it’s having the systems and processes in place, it is then making sure you stay up to date with things because you would be surprised at how many people are not up to date. So therefore, they’re not looking at the numbers. So therefore, they feel like they’re completely overwhelmed and out of control, because they don’t know what’s happening.

So it seems quite simple. But there are so many people that actually don’t do that. And they’re not looking at so many. Like we’ve been in the GST space for a long time. Now, I get files that are not reconciled. 

Every quarter, they are late every quarter, which means that people are not keeping up to date, they’re not looking at things, which just blows my mind that how could you not be up to date? And how could you not be looking at it if you want to run a successful business.

So my, the work that I do is working one on one with business owners so that we get those systems and processes, right? I create strategies for them about everything that they need to do. So step by step, it’s all done for you. And you then just need to implement those steps. 

And we also have conversations that suggest just about where you are, how you are feeling about your money, and what’s happening. So then you can feel confident to make decisions because I feel like when you have the financial confidence, you can be pretty agile.

And you can make decisions quickly and feel comfortable with making the decisions like you don’t have to stress about it.

You just go with your gut, you know where your business is at, you’ve got a plan, you’re working towards the plan. And you don’t have to be so rigid that you can’t deviate from the plan, but at least you know the direction that you’re going in. And when you have that then you can make those decisions pretty quickly and pretty easily. So

Hayley Osborne

Like are from a practical point of view is if you need to invest in a program or you have an opportunity to hire help, or you want to invest in a cleaner or things like that you you don’t second guess yourself whether you can or cannot afford it in your business because you are that’s what you mean Right buy decisions. Yeah,

Erin Davis

Yeah, decision. And it’s open up to opportunities. So, opportunities come across your desk all the time, they’re always out there.

But if you’re so closed, and not focused on the big picture and not focused on being vibrant, and being that high vibe, that high energy, because you’re so worried about money all the time, you miss those opportunities. 

So it’s about having the structure and the process sitting behind what it is that you do. So then you can just step into that confidence and confidence can look like, you know, I can hire somebody, like you said, I can buy this thing, because it’s going to make my life better.

I’m going to buy a robot cleaner for my house, because I work at home, and I need a clean, happy space to work in. And I know that that’s gonna make me feel good, and my business can afford it. 

And I work in a happy space. So it’s just a win win all over. So it doesn’t necessarily need to be all business decisions. But your business is making you money for a reason. It’s making you money to create the life that you want, and provide you with that time freedom that you want.

And if you’re not got the structure, and you don’t have the process and you don’t understand it, then how can you make those decisions? And how can you create that life or step into that life that you so desperately want?

Hayley Osborne

I love that. I’m going to switch it up a little bit. And I’m going to ask you, so Aaron is a private coaching client of mine.

And that is not the number one reason I wanted to get you on to the podcast I did want to get you on so that because I am so close to your business that your message and what you do is too good not to share with everybody firstly, but if I know if people want to work with you, you have a financial wellness checkup, you have a financial wellness strategy that businesses listening, going, Oh my God, I feel that way. Oh, my God, like you’d have those things available ready to go for people to work with you.

Now, I want to ask you to switch it up a bit. Why did you invest in private coaching?

Erin Davis

Because I knew that in order for me to make my business what I wanted it to be, I knew that this space was not coming easily to me. So there were questions that I had, I felt a bit of guilt, I suppose that I should know this stuff. Because I’m a smart woman.

I’ve been in a manager’s role for a very long time. And I’ve been running a team for a long time, but switching it up to my own business. I felt like I was going around in circles a bit. And not really nailing exactly what it was that I did. 

I knew in my head what I did, and what I had to offer and what I had to share. And I know that I can help people, but to be able to put it all into a nice, neat bow is exactly what it is that I do. How I do it has just made all the difference. It’s that clarity, and it’s the same as what I do. I was gonna

Hayley Osborne

Say that, yep. I’m stepping into it. And you’re acknowledging it. Yeah,

Erin Davis

Yeah. And my Zona genius is helping people put in a bow, their strategies, their financial strategies and their financial wellness. So I do exactly what you do, but on a financial basis. So I think it’s really stepping into your own zone of genius and realizing when something is not your zone, that that’s where you need help and support.

And I have really loved your accountability. So it’s not necessarily you know, I look, in reality, I probably could have done all of this myself. 

But it was knowing where to start and what to do. It was keeping me accountable, it was keeping me on track. It was bite sized chunks. Let’s do this every week.

And over the time, we’ve created something that’s really beautiful, that I would have struggled to create in such a short amount of time myself. So it’s about getting it done, rather than sit and procrastinate for 12 months and be in exactly the same position feeling exactly the same way.

And I didn’t want more, which is the reason why I invested and the reason why clients invest with me too, because they want to progress and they want to go quicker. And they want results. Yeah,

Hayley Osborne

Fast tracked. So what were your fears about working with a private coach?

Erin Davis

Is the money probably? How funny is that? Yeah, I’m a money mindset coach, yet I have views about the money because as a business owner, it is not the regular paycheck like you’re an employee, you’ve got to balance your money coming in with your expenses going out.

And there’s big ebbs and flows. When you own a business, when you’re an employee. A turns up in your bank account every week, every fortnight, there’s that stability and that consistency. 

So that was a real mindset shift for me that I needed to trust in myself, and really step into my confidence and believe in myself that I can make this work. Because it’s something that I haven’t done for a long time, I will be on my own in this space.

Like, I’ve been working for a big firm for a long time, but to step out on my own and be my own person, it takes a lot of confidence. And it takes a lot of courage. And it takes a lot of vulnerability to put yourself out there in that space. Where, you know, everyone’s looking at me, and everyone can see me, I’m not hiding anymore. 

But I was ready to step into that. And very, very grateful that we connected quite some time ago. And I have loved the thing I think I love the most is the the cheerleader on the side, like it’s the cheerleader, it’s yes, keep doing this, because I’ve had moments of confidence is all over the place, because it’s something new, and it’s something that is requiring me to step up.

And as we hit those next glass ceilings, there’s always that missing middle in between until we’re comfortable. So to be able to have somebody there that believes in you, and can see what you have to offer is really, really powerful.

So that has been probably the best part for me, plus all the stuff we’ve created, because that’s pretty cool, too. But having,

Hayley Osborne

Oh my God. And I think you downgrade what it is like that. Now you have to offer because you’ve built you already had this anyway, right? I just kind of like, massage that into a thing. And now it is a tangible physical thing that we’ve created for you.

And I think it’s a beautiful thing. And it’s nice that you’re honest about like the fears and stepping into what that looks like, too. And like everybody feels that at some point or another bar, you know, yes, you’re showing up as yourself. 

Yes, you have these beautiful offerings now in your business. Because it’s crazy to think that you wouldn’t have gone out on your own considering what you have to offer for other people and their businesses. And the way in which you do it right.

Because really I say in marketing, there’s no unique message. There’s only unique messengers. And so the way that you deliver things, the way that you nurture people, the way that you step up, how raw and real you are without baring your soul because I’m a big believer in not doing that. 

And then being able to, I don’t know, you just step into that you would be doing a disservice to everybody else that resonates with you and how you deliver your message. If you didn’t do what you’ve done. That was a long slightly

Erin Davis

because I haven’t changed any of my qualifications. I haven’t done any further study or any work at all, in my qualifications since we’ve been working together. So everything that we’ve put together, I already had, and I can already do.

But it was putting it together in a way that resonates with people and connecting with people and the storytelling to be able to showcase what it is that I do because like you said, there’s no unique message. 

There are millions of mindset coaches, there are millions of marketers out there but there’s only one me and I have something to offer and I have something to share. And the way that I do it is unique to me. And I know that I am good at my job.

I know that I am good at connecting and holding other people and holding that space and being there and being there to cheerleader, the person that they need. I am that person and I can do that for other people. 

So to be able to, like I said, put it in a nice neat little bow and package it all up into these brilliant services that I now offer is amazing, and I have been doing it for a while I just hadn’t connected all the dots.

Hayley Osborne

But when you are so close to things though, it is hard to see them anymore. You know? Absolutely, yeah, even to life. And so I guess private coaching is a fast track way to do that, especially if you’re results driven, and you just want to move forward and move the needle. 

And also, when you work for yourself, there’s no glass ceiling, right? So the quicker you realize that the trajectory of your business is going to be fast when you invest in health, whatever that looks like.

Erin Davis

Yeah, exactly. That’s marketing. That’s financial health. That’s, that’s how whatever that space is that you’re needing help, you will absolutely fast track your business. So

Hayley Osborne

What have some of your clients won after refining what it is that you do?

Erin Davis

I am working with Anna, a small business accountant at the moment. And she is just powering along. It is so good to say yay. I know it is just amazing. She’s been a solopreneur for about 10 years, and to have somebody in that accounting space that she can ask questions leverage off my knowledge of being in a bigger firm has been just a really great thing for her. 

And while I don’t specialize in helping small business accountants, me being an accountant, though, I was able to tailor the coaching that she needed specific to her, which is we were able to tap into all of the things that are specific to an accountants business, and really help her thrive.

But there’s been so much more to it than that, like we’ve spoken about overwhelm, which is not unique to accountants, that’s, you know, all business owners. 

And we’ve put systems and strategies in place of how to move the needle forward in her business. So that has just been a huge win. Now, the clients, or she’s not a client just yet, but she will be, she has told me she will be. She’s just said that everything I do just resonates with her. It’s like I’m speaking to her. 

And I saw her during the week, and she will work with me, she’s just not quite ready just at the moment, but she was like, I will work with you, I will definitely be working with you. It just is like you’re talking to me about everything you say, the tips that you share, everything is so helpful and so real.

So that’s been two really good outcomes in a really short space of time. And I’ve got some speaking gigs lined up, I’ve got my course going to launch soon. I’m so glad to launch.

Hayley Osborne

I’m just like, I just want to scream because like you’ve done all this, we’ve done this together in such a short space of time. And it’s all just come to life. And it’ll just be like, second nature. Very, very soon. It is now but you’re launching a podcast. And I cannot wait for that. I’m really excited for you. But it’s all happening. 

And I do genuinely believe that momentum creates momentum, and you have consistently put it out to the world. You refine what it is that you do, you’re showing up all your foundations are in complete alignment now. And you just need to keep screaming out to the world because you’re amazing. So how can people find you, if they’ve loved this chat, connect with you and stalk you a little bit more?

Erin Davis

Perfect. Absolutely. Please come and stalk me. So I am crossing the internet, Aaron Davis underscore transform on Instagram and Facebook. My website is Aaron And I do have a free downloadable checklist that people can go and see to see where they are with their financial wellness. It’s Aaron, forward slash clarity. 

And it just goes through where they’re at now where they need to have some help. It really does provide that clarity. So jump on, grab that. And then let’s connect because I am here to create a big impact on people at a time. Like it doesn’t need to be impacting the whole world.

I know that I’m here to help and I know that I’m here to connect and I know that I’m here to support women in their business journey in their financial wellness and their confidence space. So if you want to connect, let’s connect. Awesome.

Hayley Osborne

Thank you so much for coming on the show. Aaron It’s been really good. I hope you’ve enjoyed listening to this episode. If you have hit subscribe so you don’t miss any new episodes.

At least every Tuesday and while you’re there, leave me a review. I would absolutely love to read it. Also, don’t forget to tag me at Haley Kate Osborne over on Instagram and share this post with your audience so they can learn to share it. 

If you want more, head over to Hayley forward slash podcast for today’s show notes and links to catch you next week for another episode of The Hayley Osborne show.

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