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EPISODE 109 | Storytelling secrets for your small business success

May 14, 2024

Selling can be tricky. In this episode of The Hayley Osborne Show I am sharing some great ideas to story tell your way to increase your sales and help grow your small business. As you all know, I started my first business at 25 and have since built three successful companies. Through that journey, I’ve learned how important it is to craft your business story in a way that captivates audiences rather than just selling to them.

I take you through my do’s and don’ts of creating your businesses story, to develop engaging characters, understand your unique strengths, and tell your origin story in a way that resonates with your customers. I can’t wait to help you reinvigorate your business story and start attracting more leads through the power of compelling narrative.

Join me in my new 4 week experience, Superhero Storytelling. Sharpen your pencils and unfold your capes as we prepare to take off on a creative adventure. It’s time you create the confidence you need in your messaging and understand the power in your story. My proven, storytelling framework will reignite your origins story which in turn creates a better foundation for your audience to know you, like you and trust you. When they trust you, they buy from you.

Take a peek at: to learn more, enrolment is open, and I can’t wait to see you power up your storytelling and leverage your small business story for a big impact. We start June 11 2024.


0:00 – Introduction and welcome to the show 0:30 – Introduction to today’s topic of storytelling secrets for small business success
0:53 – Importance of evolving your business story as you evolve personally
1:30 – Announcement of new 4-week online experience called “Superhero Storytelling”
2:21 – Benefits of mastering storytelling over direct selling
3:00 – Process that will be covered in the 4 workshops
3:58 – Tips for crafting engaging characters in your story
4:57 – Understanding your unique strengths to frame into a story
5:57 – Developing your “origin story” and different story layers
6:58 – Tips for relating your story at different customer journey stages
8:31 – Developing your pros and cons through storytelling
9:30 – Common storytelling mistakes to avoid
10:21 – Call to action to enroll in Superhero Storytelling experience
11:41 – Recap of storytelling tips and importance of the craft

Hayley Osborne

Are you excited at the thought of growing your business? Welcome to the Hayley Osborne show. This is the place where you’ll learn how to get more high quality leads and sales in your business. My goal with this show is to help you grow your business, be inspired, nail your creativity, get the best out of your marketing, and show up as the most fearless superhero version of yourself. I’ll be teaching you the tailored frameworks and tools I use to unlock my client’s superpowers and turn them into quality leads and inquiries. And I want the same for you.

I started my first business at the age of 25, and continue to build three successful businesses along the way. Small business owners are the backbone of the economy. And I’m here to demystify marketing, make it easy for you and help you reach more customers. Let’s do it. Hello, and welcome back to another episode of The Hayley Osborne show. I am so glad that you are here. This is episode 109. And in keeping with the theme of upskilling, you at the moment are all around storytelling. I wanted to share with you some storytelling secrets for your small business success, right because there is absolutely nothing like storytelling to increase your sales inside your business.

Selling on social media is like throwing water balloons at a porcupine and selling in your marketing is like doing the same. And so many people are turned off by you selling to them. And also on the flip side of that, when you don’t have the foundation’s laid inside your business properly, what can happen is you always revert to selling right by this. And so you never really develop a proper caption that captivates your audience in a really meaningful and storytelling way.

So I wanted to share with you a few little secrets that I’ve kind of built up along the way along my journey in my business and helping so many small business owners do the same is to you know, create those stories and what you can do to craft them in a really clever way to be able to convert them into sales. Before we get started, though, I do want to tell you about one of the best things that I’ve ever done for growing my business. And it’s to get really clear on my story, my story has changed over the years from where I started my business to where I am now.

And I’ve had to morph and change with the times right. And at times, it hasn’t been easy because I started out this business with no kids, a different name and a different style of business to where I am now with kids working under the Hayley Osborne brand. And therefore, my story has had to change because I’ve changed. And if I keep the same story, then what I tend to find with a lot of my clients is that they see a disconnect between themselves and their business. And they wonder why they’re not getting any traction. And it’s because they haven’t evolved their business with themselves, and therefore haven’t evolved their story with their business. Okay, so the two really need to synergize. So my stories had to change.

So officially, welcome to the table superhero storytelling, which is my four week experience for small business owners, entrepreneurs and thought leaders who are really ready to discover the superpower inside their business and frame it into a dynamic story to tell this is going to be wonderful for your business. You have a clear storytelling, beautiful messaging, and therefore an increase in sales. That is what happens when you put in the work and the rest of everything else elevates. And within this experience, it goes for four weeks. It starts on the 11th of June, which is about four weeks away. It is open now for enrollment if you want to join, but you will learn my best frameworks and tools that I’ve used to build, create and develop what my story is today. So you can use them in your business to create your story too. So if you’re feeling like you’re always falling into the trap of selling, because you don’t know what else to write across your marketing messaging.

So that could be any touch point where you reach your audiences, then it’s probably time to reinvigorate what that origin story looks like for you. And I’m so beyond excited to deliver this. But it’s really been designed by me with the thought in mind to help you understand what your unique strengths are, and how to harness them through storytelling. It’s with strategic thought that you will grow your business not the other way around. It doesn’t just come to you, you have to actually sit in it and plan it out. Okay, and this is where the magic happens.

And I’ve worked with lots of businesses over the years. And what I’ve found is this isn’t one thing that keeps coming up as massive blocks. And it’s the element that when it’s nailed, the rest becomes much easier. So it feels pretty good to craft your superhero origin story and tell this proudly in so many different ways, resonating with your audience at different levels really depending on where you’re at in your journey, so that they can relate to you, right. And so, don’t think that just because you’re in a certain stage that you also are not resonating with someone that’s in a different stage, it’s that you are more than a unique messenger.

Okay, so never forget, there’s no unique message. But there are unique messengers. And that’s you. So you need to craft out what that looks like for you. But it’s time to develop the setting, and the environment for your superhero narrative to be aligned everywhere your business shows up, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tick Tock, your website, your emails, your Out Of Home Marketing, so anywhere, that’s not an asset of yours. So anything that you appear in, superhero storytelling is the key that’s going to show you how to do this, okay, and do it with ease and do it without throwing spaghetti at the wall, like with a bit of a plan. So you actually know what you’re doing?

How would it feel to develop the techniques your business needs, the crafting, engaging and relatable superhero, and villain characters that really resonate with your business and your audience? I can answer that for you. And I know that it feels pretty good. But it’s just, it’ll add another thing for you to talk about in your story. And that is beautiful, because then you can keep showing up really, you know, organically looking where you are quite enjoying it. And you’re not panic posting, you’re not panic marketing, and you’ve got everything aligned, and your foundations are great, which is your story, this is a really great way to explain it, actually.

But it doesn’t necessarily specifically mean you’ll have, you know, superheroes and villains inside your business, but more along the lines of being able to confidently describe the pros and cons inside your business without always having to refer back to selling. And I’ve just found that so many businesses I work with that inside the business, when you talk about these pros and cons in a way that’s super relatable to your audience from where they are currently at, in their journey of potentially purchase purchasing with you to where they want to start working with you is a game changer. And, you know, move over storytelling up, sorry, move over selling, okay, and get really comfy storytelling.

Even if you think you’re not selling, it’s storytelling, you’re still creating that brand awareness, it’s still creating that top of mind brand recognition so that when somebody needs what it is that you have to offer that brand awareness and that continue consistency in a really beautiful way, you’re the top of mind for them, you are their first choice. And I cannot tell you how often this happens to me, because of the way that I show up. And because of that, I want to teach you how to do it as well. It’s not as hard as you think.

So I think I’ve spent over 15 years mastering this art, and not only for myself, but for some of the biggest brands in the world. So the time has really come it’s way overdue, actually, for me to show you how in superhero storytelling. So you can go and enroll now at superhero enrollment is open, it is my full week experience. It is such a beautiful way to craft your story and your origin story and peel back those layers and just really revisit that, again, we start on the 11th of June. So I really look forward to seeing you on the inside. But I wanted to take you through the process, right, which is today’s podcast episode.

And this is the process we’re going to go through in the four workshops. And this is what you need to do when you story tell through your marketing to create sales, right. And what I don’t want you to do is bore your audience, because like no one wants to know is going to buy from you when they’re bored, like at all. And I just don’t want you to forget that because if you think you sound boring, imagine what everyone else thinks of you. So, a few like do’s and don’ts, which you know is another important thing if you can’t articulate it, articulate yourself, who you are, what you do and how you help people, then chances are that your audience don’t know how they can work with you or how you can help them so I think it’s important to strip back all of that technical language and business speak and jargon and overcomplicated words because it’s only confusing.

And people don’t resonate with that. So strip that back when you start to tell your story. And you know, try not to focus too much on yourself or your brand is another don’t because that is only quite polarizing as well because it can be quite intimidating, which people kind of see as well. It’s too far out of reach for me. And you know when you folk So in the transformation that you provide, it is way more attainable. And then you know, leave plot holes right where they are, it creates a need for them to reach out to want to work with you . You know, you must have what it is that they need. And, you know, make sure as well that you understand your leverage points in your business and your I guess, unique selling points well enough that you remember not to skip over them.

Because when you skip over them, that’s like the key right to your message to what it is that you have to offer. So make sure that you understand what they are. And don’t skip over them when you are storytelling, because that will kind of be at your detriment, really. So make sure you include them. And this is something that we go through within superhero storytelling, it is four weeks, and it is four weeks of pure gold that you are going to be set up to be able to storytel your way to sales, and then don’t sell your call to action too hard. Okay, so that is another thing that we go through. And I’ve got some really amazing ideas that I’ve put together for clever calls to action, which initiate the same message but aren’t hard. Okay, so it is that this is the hard way, this is the soft way.

Okay, so a soft approach is far more likely to convert your audience than a harder approach. And another thing, which I found a lot is that when you’re so close to your business, you can actually over complicate your story and your message. So it’s about making sure that it’s written, I’m just going to say this in layman terms, so that way, everyone can understand it. And it goes back to the initial point of not overcomplicating with difficult business words or acronyms or anything like that, which makes people not be able to understand what it is you’re saying. Because chances are, they’re not going to if they’re not so close to like as close to your business as you are.

And we do fall into that trap. Because we simplify things for ourselves that it becomes so normal in our heads. And that’s how we translate our foundations in our marketing into our footprint. And so try not to do that, it’s really hard. Okay, so that’s why I’ve developed this framework and this beautiful experience, because there is a real need for it, especially more than ever, because there’s so many competitors in this space that you really need to do something to set yourself apart from everybody else. So use, you know, get to know your audience well, and then figure out what they want. And this is something that we go through as well. And really outline your core message, what you’re about in a really organic way that really showcases your personality, your brand personality.

If you haven’t done that brand work as well. It’s something that we’re gonna go through inside superhero storytelling to really help you understand what that is, who you are targeting, it’s a little bit like Avatar work, but it’s brand work. And so kind of different. And if you haven’t done that before in your business, now, it’s probably the time to do it. Don’t sit on the fence any longer and nail this part of your business, and the rest will come easily. I guarantee it. Be really honest as well in crafting when you craft your story. So I will help you understand what that looks like. Especially if you don’t want to be your soul. So you would know I have young children, I don’t ever share their faces or them really that much on my social media or in my marketing.

If you are part of if you’ve come on the journey of in my membership, you you know, it’s a bit, I’m totally happy to share them, but to an audience that I don’t know, I’m not happy to share their faces and I don’t need to they’re not my porn. And so if you want to be honest with your audience, but you’re not prepared to be your soul, there’s something I’m really good at, where I can help you to do that and go deep and get really meaningful and make it really useful for your audience. And you know, as well as adding in that leaving room for imagination. So they’re kind of like the do’s and don’ts of storytelling.

And it is an art and it does require time and energy, but it isn’t necessary. Okay, so it is a huge necessity in this day and age 20 We’re in 2024 in May. And you know with the incoming AI and everything like that, that incoming I don’t even know if that’s a word with the dawn of AI. In our lives like, I’m, I feel like we’re going to see a lot of the sameness and everyone is going to start to look and sound the same. And you don’t want that. That is not how you are going to cut through the noise, and craft a successful story to generate more sales, more sales means more profit, for you revenue and profit. Like it’s just, it’s a beautiful thing when you get it right.

And so I know that there’s definitely a need for this in business, because I see so often every day actually, where we were just not doing it, right, because we fell into a trap. And you can sniff when someone has written an AI a mile away. And it’s not very friendly. And so I’m here to teach you otherwise. Because I think it’s super important that we understand a new way of working. And that is through storytelling. So the first week of this, we’re going to discover your superpower, understand your unique strengths and how to really harness them in storytelling. And I really have found that it’s probably one of the most important things that you can do. And that’s part of the process that I’m going to take you through and we’re gonna go through in the first of the four modules. And then we’re going to craft your origin story. So your brand’s narrative, what does that look like? What’s your aspirational focus?

What are the inspirational elements that we can talk to, and look at to help craft this and you know, discover what that superpower is within your business, then the third element of this process is building your story world, right? So developing the setting, and the environment for your superhero narrative to be really aligned throughout your business’s footprint. Okay, so what that looks like. And then the fourth part is to craft really compelling characters. And I know you’re probably thinking highly, that’s crazy, but it actually works, because I’ve done it for myself. And I also want to show you how so it’s something where you can allow your audience to empathize and really support you, which is the character, right. So it’s a real empathy game.

And it’s about creating what that looks like, and defining the relationships between the light and dark within your business. And it’s fun, it’s so fun. And that’s when the real magic happens within your business. So, I would love for you to join me in this and there are just a couple of my do’s and don’ts when you are looking at crafting a really compelling life. Ken Pelley story and narrative. And just to take your audience on a different kind of journey with you than you already are. Okay, so selling on your social media, selling through your marketing, selling through sales calls to actions that are way too strong. I’m going to teach you how not to do that.

Today is actually storytelling your way to sales, have softer calls to action that mean the same thing, have amazing hooks that take your audience through your caption, because when you’ve got a really good hook, a story and a call to action, your audience are going to be more encouraged to purchase from you. Anyway, Okay, that’s about enough from me today. I hope you’ve enjoyed this episode. I hope that some of my secrets have been absorbed. If not, go back and have another listen to this episode. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed sharing this with you. It lights me up so much. Superhero storytelling is ready for you to enroll now at superhero

It was a beautiful four week experience. We start on June 11 And I would love to see you inside. Okay, have a great day. I hope you’ve enjoyed listening to this episode. If you have hit subscribe so you don’t miss any new episodes released every Tuesday. And while you’re there, leave me a review. I would absolutely love to read it. Also, don’t forget to tag me at Hayley K. Osborne over on Instagram and share these posts with your audience so they can learn to share. If you want more, head over to Hayley forward slash podcast for today’s show notes and links catch you next wait for another episode of The Hayley Osborne show

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