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Episode 88: How to step up your marketing! Doors are open to Superhero Marketing.

November 6, 2023

On this episode of The Hayley Osborne Show, I talk about clever ways for you to step up your marketing, that may very well be the things holding you back. I talk about the important questions to ask yourself to make sure marketing is the thing propelling you forward in your small business, not holding you back. Let’s learn!

This is a celebratory episode because today, doors are officially open to my beautiful signature programme. My third child is Superhero Marketing and it is the bomb diggity. I thought that I would come in today with an episode about how to step up your marketing because that is what supports your business’s revenue and profits when you are marketing well, and when you step up your marketing, you set up your marketing well.

But before we get into this episode, I wanted to share with you about a special thing that I’m doing this week starting tomorrow, and it is my coaching week that is coming marketing makeover. So from tomorrow and Thursday, that will be the eighth and the ninth of November, you have the beautiful power to join me. You have to register, and it’s free for a live two-day coaching event hosted by me. You can do that over on my website, And if you’re a small business and you want to establish your marketing foundations and optimise your content, then this marketing makeover challenge is for you.

I’m really excited to be running my very first live free coaching week this week to celebrate doors opening. So, if you’re listening to this, and it is Tuesday, the seventh of November and you are listening, doors are open officially to the membership Superhero Marketing, and you don’t want to miss it. So go and have a look at what I’m doing on my social media because I always really like to make a big deal about this opportunity. And you might be thinking, why? The reason why is because the membership is not open all the time for anyone to come in. And the reason for that is so that I can give all of my energy and all of my knowledge to those and the community, those inside the membership. And when the doors are open, and these launch weeks, doors will be open until the 14th of November. So that seven days, and I give all of my energy into the launch and that period. So, it’s a really fun time right now to be in my business. And I’ve been planning this for a little while. Things are going to be different this time. So, you would have seen what I did in the last few launches with a membership. But I have decided to do things a little differently, which is really cool.

My coaching Week is starting tomorrow. It is free and it is live. It is a two-day marketing makeover challenge for you to be able to step up your marketing. It is free for you to register. You can do that over on my website. On day one, you will learn how to establish your marketing foundations. It is free. And if you don’t know what your marketing foundations are, you’re probably sitting there thinking, listening, and driving wherever you are. I don’t know what my marketing foundations are, Hayley, so this is for you. And as a small business owner who’s really driven because I’m sure that you are because you are listening to this podcast, and you know, I’m playing big, ask yourself that question.
• Have you established your marketing foundations?
• Do you know what they are?
If the answer is no, and if you’re confused about what your marketing foundations are, then this will help you to get really clear on that you have clarity on how to do things and not just why and what you should be doing but how you should be doing it. So that’s day one.

On day two, you will learn how to optimise your content to increase sales. This is important because you don’t just want to be putting things out there for the sake of it. You want to have optimised content posting for the sake of it just like being on social media. It is not using social media. When you use social media, you have a strategy. So, that is what we are doing on day two of the marketing makeover challenge.
It starts tomorrow and it is at 11:00 a.m. Australian Central Daylight Savings Time. So that is 11:00 a.m. Adelaide time. And if you are in Sydney or Melbourne, it is 11:30 a.m. And if you are in Brisbane, it is at 10:30 a.m. So it’s 11:00 am Tomorrow and also 11:00 am on Thursday. But it’s Wednesday, Thursday, the eighth and the ninth of November. So, that is my marketing makeover challenge. I would love to have you there; you’ll get the most out of the challenge. If you come along, live, obviously, as you’ll have me to ask any questions you might have as we go along. And when you show up live, from my experience, you’re committed to achieving an awesome outcome for your business and, ultimately, for yourself, right? Because if this is something that is like a stone in your shoe, you know, like, eventually it’s going to get annoying and you have to deal with it, then this might very well be the thing for you. So, clarity and knowledge around what activities to do in your business to set it up so that your marketing foundations are in place, and they are good to go for your business. So that is what I am doing starting tomorrow. It’s very exciting. Doors are open right now to Superhero Marketing, which is my signature program helping you get clear on what activities and strategies you need to do that will give you the biggest growth with the least amount of time and effort in your business now. How cool.

Over to today’s podcast episode. Now. I want you to step up your marketing. And I want you to ask yourself this question, if you could, what’s your biggest goal right now? What are you saying to yourself about your marketing, Hayley? I want to be committed to doing two social media posts a week across every single platform. That is the minimum. I want to have one media feature a month. I want to start a podcast, I want to be a guest on people’s podcasts, and I want to deliver a keynote in front of my team. The list goes on. Guys, I want my website to be perfect. I want my search engine optimisation to be amazing. I want to run Facebook ads, I wanted to run Google ads and so on and so forth.

How do you step it up? Right? We start off in bite-sized pieces. And if you want to do all those things, why aren’t you doing them? Ask yourself that question.

• What is holding you back from doing those things?
• What would you tell your future self? If he or she could look at you right now?
• What would you tell yourself about how you want to be showing up in this world?

Right? Because confidence looks good on you? Yes, it does. It does. And it looks great across your marketing, right? Because you need to build that know-like and trust factor. That is what people your customers will buy into, okay, they don’t buy into sales being sold that you need to build your know, like and trust.

When we are looking at putting together our marketing and what that looks like for our business, you need to have a think about what your objectives are, right? Because that is the very first place to visit in terms of setting up what your marketing looks like and also the time that you want to spend. Now, one thing that I do inside Superhero Marketing is I have so many tools and swipe copy and templates and things for you, basically so that you don’t have to sit there thinking about what to post, what to write in this email, what to pitch when you are pitching to appear in a magazine. It’s a complete solution for you as a busy business owner if you’re stressed out and you’re looking for a really easy way to get it done.

I do it using guides to help you take the stress out of your thinking as for example, what do I need to post this month or back kind of thing and making it really easy when you have to do a poster reel, that kind of thing, etc. have, you have this to refer straightaway and get done in half an hour that you have in your day. So, you know, you want to do it your way. That’s also an element of how you step up your marketing. Doing it your way, marketing your way, understanding what to say your way, when you feel like doing everything, and you feel like nothing is working. It’s why I have set this programme up: Superhero Marketing, for example, to let me take your hand, show you the door to get through the wall, right? It’s time to do something different.

Another way that you can step up your marketing outside of committing to what you want to do is to get really clear on your goals from the start of the year. So, say, for example, you want to be featured in 15 podcasts for the year. Well, when you break it down, that is one per month or one and a bit per month, right? And when you break that down, what do I have to do to make that happen? I need to email the podcasts that I love. And I need to research them.

I need to write insightful, beautiful, positive remarks so that I look like I listened to that podcast, and it helps if you do. I need to write about myself. So how do you do that? Hayley, right? I know you’re asking me that I really want to do this. But I don’t know how I don’t know what to write. I didn’t know, I have that for you. In the membership. Pretty much. I have swipe, copy, ready-to-go email scripts and follow-up scripts for you to be able to pitch yourself. So, you’re not sitting there thinking, Oh, my God, I want this thing, but I don’t know how to get it. Okay. So, when you have an idea of what you need to write, it takes you less time to do the thing, which I found is helpful for time-poor small business owners.

Another way for you to step up your marketing is to think about it more broadly than just social media, right? Social media, yes, is a very powerful vessel for you to reach a lot of people in a short amount of time. But what if it all goes away tomorrow, right? You need to set up things in your world, in your business world, that future proves you from a tool that you don’t own, right? It’s like you’re renting the space. You don’t own it. However, you do on your website, and you do own your email list. Okay, if you are building it.

One thing that I highly recommend inside my membership, and we’ve just gone through this recently, is building high-value lead magnets so that you can create an email list, you can grow that list, you do have a fallback in your business, and you’re not just relying on social media as the only thing to help you grow, be very powerful. And I’m not discounting that. Having a high-value lead magnet is really important. Creating ideas to be able to do that. And what I’ve found is inside the membership, you now have a plan on how you’re going to grow your email list, leaving you feeling really in control. It’s one thing to have the idea of it and it’s another thing to activate it. It does take time. And hopefully, I think that I’ve actually taken that time out for you and to help you have all the ideas flowing easily to you. So you can get it done quicker. You know that growing your email list is important, but you don’t know what headline will work for your business to start building it. And it’s good to take the first step, I get it, I get it, but it’s really important and it’s important element to leverage stepping up your marketing.

Another really great way for you to step up your marketing is to actually track and measure what you are doing. Because if you’re just, you know, throwing spaghetti at the wall, as they say, and not really posting with the strategy or even measuring it after it’s done. It’s kind of a really shotgun approach to your marketing. If you can track and measure what you’re putting out there, what performs well what gets clicked on the most. What lead you know, for example, what lead magnets are working, what you need to tweak, and what you don’t need to tweak by tracking and measuring what you’re putting out? Not only will you feel in control and like you are kicking goals when you know exactly what marketing data you need to track and measure and how to put it all together in a really easy to understand why, but it makes you feel really positive when you’re doing things that actual work and letting go of things that don’t work. And I know when business owners see results, it gives them the motivation to keep going.

I hope this episode has helped you to think about ways in which you can step up your marketing. And think about what you need to implement in your business now that your future self will thank you for because, you know, it’s sitting there waiting for you to activate and by not activating, you are also doing a disservice to all of the people out there that really need what it is that you have to offer. It’s like spamming in reverse. You don’t want to hold it in you want to share it with the world because you just never know who you might be helping.

Marketing makeover challenge that starts tomorrow at 11:00 am Australian Central Standard Daylight Savings Time. That’s Adelaide time. And if you’re in Sydney and Melbourne, it is at 11:30 a.m. And if you’re in Brisbane, it is at 10:30 a.m.

I would love to have you there. And doors are open right now to Superhero Marketing. You can check it out on my website. If you want to follow along and see more of what I am doing for this week and the next seven days for launch week, head over to my social media, @HayleyKOsborne, Instagram and it’s the same on Facebook so you can come and join in all the fun, but the challenge is where the real fun is guys. I hope to see you there and I’ll catch you next week for another episode of The Hayley Osborne show.

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