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August 15, 2022

We’re still HIGH VIBING your business when it comes to your marketing. Today’s episode of a follow on from last week. So if you missed listening to last week, rewind and have a listen, then get straight into Part 2 of 4 game changing things to high vibe your marketing. The time is now to grow your business like the superhero and this podcast is here to educate and upskill you to do just that.




Hi guys, welcome to this weeks episode of the podcast. Part 2 of what we talked about last week. 4 game changing things to high vibe your marketing and I am talking about the other 2 really important things today.

A very big thank you for tuning in and listening wherever you are today. It means a lot and I know you are learning a LOT from me along the way (mostly because you tell me in my DM’s) which makes me so so happy). So thank you.

Today, I am continue to give you the honest, brutal nuts and bolts and knowledge of everything I teach and everything I stand for in the busy world of marketing, nurturing your businesses to be the best version of themselves when it comes to becoming the number 1 in your local community. I want that for you.

It’s so funny how we start our businesses out of a love of doing that particular thing. But very early on and very quickly we also must become the accountant, the bookkeeper, the **doer** of all the things and the darn best marketer, brand manager and social media guru the world has ever seen…because that’s what it requires to run a business right!

To recap on last week quickly I spoke about

The very first game changing thing that essentially HIGH VIBES your marketing is your brand. Your brand is fundamentally the number one thing that helps you stay connected with your customers, gives you clarity and the ability to stay focused and show up as authentically as possible. It represents YOU. It represents how your customers see you in the sea of other businesses (and my oh my it’s a busy marketplace out there) and also represents what people are putting in their minds about what they can expect from you or your business.

If you haven’t listened to this the example I used to help you visualise what I am talking about was Nike. Which we all know is a very well-known global brand.

I mentioned:

They have a strong brand identity

They own it and manage it well.

Their name, their logo, their tagline.

These things are their trademark

Then they have a brand image. What people say about them.

It’s far beyond their products.

It’s their emotional value

It’s based-on trust

It’s based on relations

The brand is built on how Nike makes people feel – that gut feeling.

You can’t control your brand, but you can manage the identity and influence the image.

Therefore, it’s important to show up consistently in all branding and marketing.

The second game changing thing that will really HIGH VIBE your marketing is your strategy. A strategy exists in your business world to help you to clarify the things like your vision, your mission in business and the values your business holds highly.

Have you really sat down and thought about this? What each of them are? What you really value as a person and a business? A strategy’s main purpose is to find you a unique position in the market where you are the only one and really smash it out the ballpark in. This is your long-term plan.

Now we move onto number 3. DRUM ROLL

The third game changing thing that will HIGH VIBE your marketing is the tactics you choose to take.

3. Tactics

This is the roadmap on how to get there. Fundamentally it’s the “doing”.

What is it you are actually going to do to achieve your goals and WHEN are you going to do this? These are your tactics.

How to take action on the strategy. Think of it as your activation. This is the “HOW” you are going to do the thing to attract a new audience, attract more loyal customers and at the end of the day, increase your sales.

How and where you are going to invest your money/budget to get the absolute best return on investment, the return on the money you’re spending. Before this though, we need to know your business, brand, and sales goals.

Included in the tactical part still, you want to take a good periscope view and look at your customer journey and see where your customers are coming in, and where the challenges are.

This revolves around those marketing terms like: Awareness, conversion and retention. I’m not the type to get super technical on you to confuse you by any means, so to make it really practical so you can relate this back to your business and answering these questions in your head:

By referring to:

Awareness: Do people know about you?

Conversion: Do people buy from you?

Retention: Do they continue to buy from you?

It’s time to answer these questions honestly.

The tactics within your the marketing plan should be used to figure out how to connect with customers, and how you can build a lasting relationship.

It should cover things like:

  • What activities do we do?
  • When will we do these activities?
  • Who do we talk to?
  • In what channels?
  • What amount of money are we going to invest? What’s our budget?
  • And lastly, how are we going to measure the results?

One thing I want you to remember is that every marketing plan looks different depending on your business, your budget and where your business is located. Location is a big one I find because that will completely change depending on if you are rural or city based and which city to live in. Either way these are your local communities and each one will be very different from the next.

Often this is set in place for 6 months to a year.

The fourth game changing thing that will HIGH VIBE your marketing is when you combine them all together.

4. Combined them all together

I find that they all get mixed up along the way. However:

Your brand is fundamentally the number one thing that helps you stay connected with your customers, gives you clarity and the ability to stay focused and show up as authentically as possible. It represents YOU. It represents how your customers see you in the sea of other businesses

Your strategy exists to help you to identify those boarder decisions. The tactical element is about actions you take to get to those decisions.

Your strategy is where your clear goals exist and are laid out. The tactics are the things that have those clear deliverables.

The important part in all of this is to hold those tactics loosely and adjust them while you’re going. The strategy stays the same. There’s plenty of bumps along the road, but that’s just business my friends. A rocky road of really high highs and some lows and difficult days in the middle.

It’s how you move through these things that define you.

The ultimate end game is to really have a strategy attached to a tactical action plan that’s main objective is to help you to stay focused and avoid shiny that object syndrome. Which means, not getting over carried away and investing all your eggs/money into one marketing thing.

And on that lovely summary and high, that’s all for today’s episode my awesome friends. You are set to HIGH VIBE your marketing and position yourself to become the number one in your local community both online and offline.

I really hope I’ve inspired you to start HIGH VIBING your business and your marketing and really step into becoming the NUMBER 1 in your local community. Now is the time, don’t wait and let yet another day, week, month or year pass you by.

If you have any questions about anything I’ve said, feel free to drop me a DM on Instagram @hayleykosborne which is where I hang out the most. I’m always up for a great chat.

A big thank you for loving on this podcast, it does take time and energy to put together and I would be so appreciative if you could leave me a review. This helps the podcast get in more ears and reach more awesome business owners who I could help in some way shape or form. It would honestly mean the world.

xx Hayley

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