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EPISODE 104 | 5 clever strategies to making time for marketing mastery

April 22, 2024

In this episode of The Hayley Osborne Show I am talking about the five strategies I’ve found helpful for making time for your marketing mastery. I share my top tips on marketing time-management and how you can easily implement these things into your week and day to day.

Learn why making time for marketing doesn’t mean finding more hours in the day; it’s about maximizing the ones you already have and how to create the discipline in your life and play to do this.

I’ve created a checklist to be able to help you along the way to make sure your marketing has all the essentials it needs to move forward with ease. You can download this HERE.


0:00:02 Introduction

0:00:09 Topic: 5 strategies for making time for marketing mastery

0:09:39 Strategy #1: Prioritize with purpose – dedicate “Monday Hour One” to planning, color code calendar

0:18:12 Strategy #2: Streamline with systems – batch content creation, organize folders, automate scheduling

0:20:55 Strategy #3: Delegate and elevate – free up time by delegating tasks, empowering others

0:20:59 Strategy #4: Say no – set boundaries, protect important marketing and self-care hours

0:18:12 Strategy #5: Self-care – recharge through activities, spark creativity, add to calendar

0:20:55 Sign off and thanks

Hayley Osborne

Hello there, and welcome to Episode 104 of the Hayley Osborne show. I’m very glad that you are here joining me today. And if you want to see the visual of this, I’ve been doing this for a little while, but I don’t always say it. We’re on YouTube. So the video of me here is on YouTube. It is not just an audio recording, if you prefer to consume content in video, if you are on YouTube all the time, and that is your place, then you will find me on YouTube at Hayley Osborne. Today, I wanted to talk to you about five clever strategies to make time for marketing mastery, because over the last week, you would have seen that I opened the doors to my membership, superhero marketing. And now they are closed. And what I did in that time is run a marketing makeover challenge. 

And what that meant was me showing up live for three days in a row, teaching an amazing bunch of business owners how to make over their marketing. And one of the things that I found that stood out the most for me was making time to actually master your marketing and making time to do that. And I think I’m in a pretty good place where I do find that I have time for my own marketing because it’s catch 22. Right? When you’re sitting in the driver’s seat where I am, this is what I do to help people to create activities around marketing to have big growth with the least amount of time and effort. And so when you’re in the driver’s seat like me, that means you’re always helping other people. 

But how do you find time to make time to market your own business? So for me marketing my business now you might think that it comes super easy to me. Yes, it does. Because this is what I love to do. But I need to carve time out and make time to be able to market my own business and what it is that I actually do to be able to help you to be able to reach more people to make it easier for everyone to master their marketing. That’s my chair squeaking if you can hear that, just trying to get a little bit more comfy, because we’re in here for a little lesson. So I want to make sure that I bring it all the goodness and then I’m comfy doing so because then I’m not thinking about me not being comfy. 

Anyway, So there’s five things I wanted to talk about today. To that a clever ways that I found that helped me to be able to make time for my marketing, my marketing mastery, because you know, when it comes down to it, if you’re not sharing what you who you are and what you do in your zone of genius with the world, how are they going to know. And so you need to make time now, if you don’t know what it is that you are doing, that is what I’m here for to help you. 

Because it can be quite confusing. And to always have your finger on the pulse in this area would be crazy and ludicrous. Because you’re spending time working on working in your business for that, serving your customers and clients and people that love you. You’re not spending time with your finger on the pulse, learning about marketing, which is what I’m here to teach you to do. But let’s get into it. So I’ve come up with five ways that will help you that are clever, that you might not have thought of so that you can make time to market your business because that’s the first part right. The second part is getting your marketing foundations right. The third part is making sure that your digital footprint and positioning are in complete alignment. And then the fourth part is optimizing all your content. So I will talk about the three parts which are a bit of a framework that I use inside of my business. 

But the bit before that, like the pre-work to that, is actually carving out the time to make for your marketing. Okay, so as we all know, though time is the one currency that we’re all really short on. And you know, I have small children. I run a successful business. I look after my house, I do have help. But I still have to carve out the time. And so you’re about to become really thrifty spenders and savvy savers in the world of marketing time management. Okay, let’s get started. Alright, so the first one is prioritized with purpose. All right. So one thing that I have learned and I learned this from a podcast actually is, there’s a lot of talk about Monday hour one. And that doesn’t mean like the first hour of your Monday, but it’s Monday hour one is what it’s called. 

And so if you can spend one hour on a Monday across your marketing planning, that will help you set up your week for success, because you are doing it on a Monday, you don’t have this little stone in your shoe have I should be working on a social media post, or I shouldn’t be working on this like Northstar piece to achieve a higher goal, I should be doing this No. Like you kind of you’ve done it already at the start of the week.

So you know what happens when you have a stone in your shoe, you keep walking, walking, and then it becomes really annoying, and you have to stop and empty your shoe. Okay, so it’s the same sort of analogy when it comes to making time for your marketing. It is to get it done on Monday, hour one. So that could be 10 to 1111 to anytime on a Monday. Get it done then and prioritize with a purpose, right? So we’ve all got a tiring to do list. As much as I like to call it an action plan. It’s there. But how do you decide which part or point on that list gets your attention first? It’s that Monday, hour one, okay. So that takes that off. 

And you don’t feel like that angst in that urge that you know, you should be doing it. But you don’t have time because there’s other priorities. And then another thing to be able to prioritize with purpose. And something that I do and I teach my private clients as well is to get really clever at color coding your calendar, because then you can see and move things around and more things into how they should fit into your world. So I’ve got all sorts of color codes from personal to private clients to social media strategy to superhero marketing. And I love seeing the personal because that’s in yellow, and I get excited, like, oh, there’s something personal happening, what’s going on, or, Oh, I’m seeing like this private coaching clan, or all I get to spend time doing superhero marketing stuff. And the colors trigger emotions that are good. And then I’ve got whitespace. 

So that’s always a really nice feeling too, so if you can use those two little clever strategies to help you make time for marketing mastery, I think that will help you a long way to be able to prioritize with a bit more purpose. The second point I want to talk about is to streamline with systems so streamlining your tasks by setting up really efficient systems is definitely the way to go. And by that, you know, you can automate things like batching content, you know, scheduling content, it all, like saves you time. We all have the different tools and things that we use. And if you don’t currently have any, hit me up on Instagram and ask me what I use. 

This isn’t a podcast episode about that. I think I’ve done one of those. But streamline with systems is a really great way to be able to make time for your marketing mastery because it is a master right because when you do market your business, you are essentially increasing your bottom line because you are creating more brand awareness around what it is that you do, which creates more noise, which creates more activity and action and therefore more revenue. But in another episode, I’ll give you the tools that I use for my own marketing process. But one thing around streamlining systems that I wanted to specifically talk about was everything is content. 

Okay, so when you’re out and about doing what you do, make sure that you always have it in the back of your mind. Everything is content. So hit little videos, take a few photos, take some B roll which is background content, background video, and just have it in your phone. Don’t activate it and then save it on your phone. I have particular folders set up in my phone for things like sport, things like masterclasses , things like podcast episodes, family stuff, so there’s different folders in my phone, superhero marketing. So that I can draw on those folders to be able to find everything I need. Everything is content, B roll, you name it. 

I have folders set up for all of these things so that when I want to access them As the content is already there, so when I’m out and about in my day, everything is content, I’m gathering content for the future me, right, your future proofing yourself. And so, in that moment, you might be feeling really creative. However, you don’t have the time to pull it all together. So take everything, mentality, batch it all, and just put your phone away, take it out again, take a little video of this, a little video of that, whatever it is that you’re doing, and save it. And then, you know, throughout the week, keep a little running Notes tab or the voice recorder. 

So I use an app called Voxer. And that is something that I use between my private clients and I but I also send voice messages to myself. And so that is something I’m doing in terms of batching, when I’m feeling creative, oh, this would be a really good idea for this, or this would be a great segue for that. And I record myself because I can obviously read faster than I can type. So it is good to have a note section in your phone that you can refer to if you prefer to write or some voice messages to yourself, that will help you to jog your memory of that moment in time that you felt very inspired by something. So then when you do have your Monday, one hour, the streamlining, with systems to come up with, like the clever marketing mastery is there. 

So you have your batched content from through the week. In terms of video, aesthetic imagery, and that kind of thing, you have the little voice notes to yourself of inspiration or your written notes of inspiration. And now on that Monday, one hour, you have everything you need to pull together, mastery through your marketing. And so that is a really clever way to systemize this process. So you don’t feel like you are always on that content bandwagon, or you are always panicking, because you have nothing to post. It’s something that I’ve done for a while now. And it just works. And then I use tools like InShot. And I said I wasn’t gonna talk about it, but so organically. So here we are, that’s really good. I use tools like in short, to load my videos in different different videos. 

And then I put words around it, collate them together or separate, I’d have four or five videos done just waiting in their part for a draft ready to go out on my social media. And then I just write the copy around them. And my social media is done for the week. And it feels really good. So there we are. That’s number two. The third point I want to talk about is delegate and elevate. So this is the third part of our little time traveling quest for finding ways to make time for your marketing mastery. The power of delegation is huge. And it is actually something that I have found very hard to pass off and delegate to team members. But it’s not about just handing off work. Right. It’s about being able to empower others. And open up.. Okay, sorry about that. I think I’m just gonna press pause. 

Oh, okay. So it is about opening up your schedule to be able to empower others to create high level strategies and room for creativity. So it is a bit of a difficult task or fear, you might say for letting go. But I think there’s really powerful lessons learnt here in your own mindset. So for me, and self development, it’s been huge, but to delegate your tasks to elevate your business to allow you room for creativity and a higher level of thinking in terms of strategy is one of the best ways to be able to make time for marketing mastery.

So whether that is with a team member, whether that is with a virtual assistant, which is my saving grace, or whether that is other tasks, okay? So saying to someone in your house, okay, you’re going to need to do the washing right now because I’ve got to do this or how about we get a cleaner or how about we order our shopping online to save time to write so it’s thinking about certain way Use that you can delegate tasks to be able to elevate your business. 

And there’s lots of different ways to do this. I have so many. And I think I also have a podcast episode on that too, and how I do everything in my day. So I think that episode, let me just have a little look at 95. So if you go back and have a look at that, I think there’s a lot of nuggets in there that you’ll love. The fourth thing, point, strategy, clever strategy that I wanted to talk to, to help you make time for marketing mastery is the power of the word no. Now, it’s easier said than done, I get it, I totally get it. But setting boundaries around your time and learning how to decline requests, to be able to spend time where you need to that moves the needle is massive. 

So the power of no is huge. Now, there’s a bit of FOMO that comes into that. So your fear of missing out, but the bigger picture is far more beautiful. So it is okay to decline requests, it is okay to set boundaries for yourself. And I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that, especially if you know that you have something to do or say no around little things. That way, it does free up your time to get your marketing mastery done. And then you have that time to be able to go out and do all of the other extracurricular activities, things that you love to do. 

But the power of no is important, especially if you have a full day. And I think one thing that I’ve learned too, is to allocate certain days for certain things. So there are certain days of the week that I have no clients, and that are there, my mom days. So they’re the days I spend with my kids. And I love that so much. And there are days where I have full work days. And then there are days or afternoons, for example, for a couple of days a week are the days I see my clients. And then there are times I have set aside for superhero marketing, and so on and so forth. So having structured times around your boundaries, and what you do in that time really will help you to say no, because he really outlined what it is that you need to be doing and spending time doing to be able to achieve what you want within the week. And sorting this out first is a really good way of doing that. 

So I tend to look at my calendar, the week and rearrange things that don’t need to be there if they don’t, and then put things in that do and then block out time that I need just for myself. The fifth point, I want to say, is a super clever strategy to make time for marketing. Mastery is self care. So a self care strategy is self care. So it might sound perhaps counter intuitive. But self care as a strategic move is really important, odd. But stepping back to recharge can really improve your efficiency, stepping back to sleep can improve your efficiency, as well as spark massive amounts of creativity.

So adding that in your calendar. When you have self care, it will ignite ideas in your mind like you have never witnessed before. Stepping away from your desk, for example, for half a day or the whole day, if you can, taking yourself out for lunch or going to get a massage or whatever self care looks like for you a walk on the beach, grabbing a coffee at a cafe, you will be surprised the creative ideas that come into your head. So rest is definitely a requirement. 

And it’s how the most successful business people, entrepreneurs, and small businesses, make it because they have incorporated this into their routine and they’re not pushing themselves to the ground. So it’s something that I’m very proud of. It’s taken me such a long time to be able to get to this point, but I am proud of it. And I do have self care in my routine. And I have been doing it for a few years. And I think once you add that into your clever strategies, it really makes such a big difference to how you run your weight, how you run your months, and the crazy ideas that you will come up with while you are practicing.

Using self care, so Oh my God, my best ideas come from when I’m exercising or walking or just spending time in the sun. Self care to me is taking my plate or taking my kids to the playground as well. So, like, there’s all sorts of self care that you can do. You know, massage is also at the top of my list. And that really helps to spark creativity, like nothing ever.

And then that’s when you get your phone out. You take videos, you take photos, you do what you need to do, you park it, you forget about it. Or if you’ve got audio to record, you’ve got this crazy idea, you just quickly send yourself a voice note. There is nothing quite like that. It is so nice to then when you have time to sit down, which is something that I spoke about in point two , streamline with systems. When you have time to sit down, you’re like, going to blow your own mind with what it is that you recorded at that time.

And you’re gonna say to yourself, Wow, I sounded good. And I had a conversation with someone this morning that was listening to a podcast interview actually, that they had been on. And the host used what they said as a quote, but quoted them below. And when she read it, she was like, that sounds really good. And then she clicked on it. And she was like, oh, that’s because I said that. And so, you know, that’s where it comes. That’s where the inspiration comes from. And you take those notes so you’ll be quite surprised when you record when you playback the recording of yourself. 

Anyway guys, that is all I have for you today. Were my five points on clever strategies to make time for marketing mastery. I hope that you’ve enjoyed this episode. I am gonna go and have some lunch now and take care of my stomach. And I will see you next week for another episode of The Hayley Osborne show.


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