Marketing Strategy

How would it feel to:

Introducing…YOUR Marketing Strategy

This is for you if:

  • You run a business and are passionate about getting higher results
  • Your business is ready to grow
  • You want clarity on your next steps, and confidence to move forward in your business without the overwhelm.

By creating a Marketing Strategy, you can expect to:

  • Create strategies that meet your business objectives
  • Know your target market
  • Develop your ideal client avatar
  • Clearly understand your competitive environment.

So how does creating a Marketing Strategy work?

  • I take a thorough and independent look at your business and review the market
  • I develop various targeted strategies, including marketing calendars and specific strategies for launching new campaigns
  • I tailor your Marketing Strategy specifically for your business to engage your ideal client

What are the steps taken?

  1. Our first catch up will be a 2-hour kick-off workshop (via zoom) to understand your current marketing situation, define the ideal client profile, assess the competitive set, know your positioning within the market, assess marketing channels and develop opportunities.
  2. I create your Marketing Strategy.
  3. We workshop your Marketing Strategy together over a 1-hour workshop (via zoom) discussing implementation, tips and tricks for you to follow.


You’ll receive a 15-20 page document specifically tailor written for your business, highlighting exactly how to grow your sales through your marketing. Included will be step by step instructions of how to activate and convert, which will in turn sell each and every moving part detailed within the document.

You’ll know your ideal client and their values which will in turn help you to tailor your messages to get really clear about who you are selling to and what they value to speak to them at exactly the perfect time to engage, connect and convert.

You will become super clear and have more confidence about your presence on social media, what you stand for, your brand values and your objectives for showing up on each platform in the first place. Sounds like a relief right!

If you’ve been wondering why your marketing isn’t connecting and you want to make more money, it might be because you don’t understand WHO you are selling to. Let’s take your business to the next level.

Investment: $2,497 AUD ex GST

Social Media Strategy

I hear you! Which is why I’m here to help you put together a clear Social Media Strategy for your business.

Social media requires a completely different approach to your other marketing channels in order for you to be successful.

By creating a social media strategy, you can expect to:

  • Develop the right tone of voice for your business
  • Build content to establish a real connection with your audience, fans and potential clients
  • Stay as authentic as possible across your brand
  • Know your brands strengths and play to them using the channels that are value driving for your business
  • Create campaigns to really leverage and grow your audience
  • Take your business to the next level.

So how does creating a social media strategy work?

  1. Each Social Media Strategy is tailored specifically to your business. Our first catch up will be a 60-minute strategy session (via zoom) to understand your current situation and goals, discovering and uncovering all the juicy parts of your business.
  2. The super cool part: I create your Social Media Strategy.
  3. We workshop your Social Media Strategy together over a 30-minute session (via zoom) discussing implementation, plus all the tips and tricks for you to follow.


You’ll receive a 10-15 page detailed document outlining everything you need to do within your platforms aligning to your mission to achieve your business objectives and goals. This will allow you to understand your competitor landscape clearly, giving you an awesome cross section of your industry and the expectations.

I will take a deep dive into your audience so you know what makes them tick to engage with them and convert them into sales.

Your platform and profile set up will be audited to maximise the critical marketing landscape within each space and utilise it effectively and to make sure you’re receiving those “first impressions” count kudos your business deserves!

Lastly, your Social Media Strategy is here to help and guide you through connecting and engaging with your target audience so you will receive the infamous content plan including your caption categories done for you, photo topics outlined and a clear monthly guide on how to pull it all together with smart copywriting and your absolute winner call to action. Let me show you how!

Investment: $997 AUD ex GST


Social media not enough?

Have me, your marketing guru in your pocket to cover ALL your marketing aspects. I become your trusted advisor, marketing BFF and hold your hand each step of the way to make sure your marketing flourishes.

You and I would be a good fit for your marketing if you:

  • Understand that business and creativity go hand in hand
  • Are ready to take action within your business
  • Run a serviced based business targeting the end customer (B2C)
  • Know social media will super charge your business and you’re ready to take the leap with me, your specialist
  • Want to get clear on activating your marketing strategy
  • Are ready to do a deep dive into your personal brand
  • Want to build the confidence to show up every day with purpose
  • Are ready to define your winning formula to help you stand out
  • Are looking for a complete strategic approach helping you grow your business to the next level without the overwhelm.


3-month period


  • Weekly 1-hour sessions via zoom directly with me
  • Free access to my templates, tools and reference notes

Investment: $1,297 AUD ex GST a month ($3,397 upfront payment, save $494)

VIP option: Unlimited Voxer +$399 a month Voxer is a voice messaging super dynamic downloadable app

Social Media Coaching

Need to get your social media game to the next level?

We can take the next steps together, with social media coaching. 

This is for you if you want:

  • A social media BFF to brainstorm specific questions
  • To have by your side assisting with activation and engagement strategies week by week
  • Original and creative social media ideas
  • A holding hand to get your social media moving, looking and feeling in the right direction.


3-month period


  • Weekly 1-hour coaching sessions (via zoom) directly with me
  • I will be right across your socials with you, review all of your post content, provide ideas, inspiration and creativity
  • A summary of the session with a dedicated action plan for you to activate once each session is complete.

Investment: $699 AUD ex GST a month ($1,997 upfront payment, save $100)

VIP option: Unlimited Voxer +$399 a month Voxer is a voice messaging super dynamic downloadable app