Firstly, it’s not the F word you’re thinking! So, let’s just get that straight. F is for the mother of all digital mothers, Facebook.

But before we go there I just wanted to say hey and hello! This is my first blog article for Social Soul and to lay it on the table, this will be a place which I am committed to bringing you consistent, relevant, timely and downloadable tips and tricks for you to put soul into your social and market your bizo with ease! EXCITEMENT overload (and download) as I get to take what’s been in my head as a marketer and brand manager for 13+ years and deliver it to you in the most layman, less jargon and easy to understand fashion as possible!

Organic strategic content is king! Do you have your organic Facebook strategy in place? Have you set your goals for 2019?  This is the most important starting point. Gone are the days of posting on a whim. If you want to be strategic and offer the best cross section of information about your business and interests, this is the horse this is before the cart my friends!

So, Facebook is currently the cheapest form of paid advertising that exists anywhere, ever!

Cheaper than billboards, bus shelters, magazine ads and anything that appears out of your home anywhere.

With 2 billion+ monthly active users we have a captive market of data we can actively use to target through Facebook advertising. We can gain valuable insights on our demographic with the click of a button, as well as scope out a radius of consumers within your catchment area that is so specific with data to match you cannot go wrong. You set the $ figure, you set the duration, let me do the strategy, and bang we have ourselves an ad!

Just think, if you were to capture 1% of Facebook users every night (and roughly it averages 20 million viewers per night) that’s a pretty good achievement of 20,000 people! Not bad hey!

Before you go down the Facebook advertising path, you need to ask yourself: do I have my social media set up properly? Am I producing amazing relevant content in my Facebook feed? Because, and trust me on this…people visit your Facebook page!

I encourage your business to play in the game and take a piece of the pie because this pie is not going anywhere, in fact it’s growing on average of 10% every year.

Not sure how to take flight? That’s totally a-ok! It can be confusing at the beginning, but once you get started you will fly like an eagle. Let me help you navigate this platform with ease. Book your 1:1 Coaching, consultancy & training session with me here.



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