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The dreaded word…”computer says no” or worse “Facebook is now rendered unusable” for users globally! Image if it NEVER comes on again? imagine if Mark Z says “ya-ll I am so done with this and I am unplugging it!” Ahhhhh this my friends could be bad, very bad. But, please note the word COULD.

The last time Facebook had a disruption of this substance was in 2008, the site had 150m users. Today we’re looking at around 2.3bn monthly users.

This actually could be a little scary for me because *inserts loud voice* this is my business!

However, fear not!

If you’ve spent time building the assets that you have 100% control over, then my peeps, you are sitting pretty! I can actually hear you saying: “Um what is that exactly Hayley?”

Well, this is:

  • Your website
  • Your database
  • Your brand
  • Your network
  • Your physical assets

These are the things you own and you have 100% control over. Everything else is merely a marketing tool to help you push your brand message and value proposition out to the marketplace. These platforms are for building supplementary audiences to help you build your owned audience because your database is the nugget that converts.

Genuine people are subscribed through their email because they actually want to know more about your product and be the first to know when something new is released as well as your next HOT TIP.

Here’s a little diagram (yes, I drew this) to help explain.

There are clever ways to help you build your database with a following that is *actually* interested in your product or service, this is where I come in to help you achieve this with your business.

As an example, below is how I have done it with my business. Maintaining this is equally important. This lives in the footer of my website, but also is coded so that it comes up when you go to leave the site as a subtle reminder. If you sign up to my database you will receive tips and tricks on how to make your social media better, consistent and above all market your business in the right way that converts to sales.

My call to action
The simple form I use for ease of transaction

Want to create little hacks for your business like this? Let me show you how!

I’d love to hear from you, so click here and let’s do this!

Much love, Hayley


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