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How to Establish Your small business Marketing Foundations

April 30, 2024

Establishing strong marketing foundations is crucial for any business aiming for growth and sustainability and it’s all about leveraging minimal effort for maximum impact.

As entrepreneurs, we put in a crazy amount of work to grow our businesses. However, if your efforts aren’t giving you the results, it’s time to reassess. Imagine one podcast interview or a feature in Forbes being equivalent to 300 social media posts. This demonstrates the potential of leveraging high-impact platforms to reach your target audience with less effort.

It’s time to consider what’s holding you back from these strategies and invest in educating yourself on exactly how to get to where you want to go. Education is my highest value and has served me so well in the growth and trajectory of my business.

Procrastination is your enemy—it’s time to lean in, learn, and invest.

The importance of brand awareness

Think about big brands like Dove, Lego, or Victoria’s Secret. These brands have done an exceptional job of associating their brand personalities with their marketing efforts. For instance, Dove’s messaging revolves around innocence and freedom, qualities personified by the character Forrest Gump in the movie.

A business just like yours can benefit from focusing on growing your brand awareness to attract more attention and drive business growth.

Brand awareness means making your brand more visible, getting more people to know who you are, what you do and why they should trust you to buy your product or service.

The know, like, trust factor should be your number one objective to building your brand awareness. Selling is not the answer anymore. Humans buy from humans and it’s your job as a business owner to create the best, most relatable human to human experience to convert your audience and attract a fresh audience to buy from you.

Bringing your brand to life

How well do you understand your ideal client? Do you know who they are? Think of the number 1 client in your world right now. If you could have x50 of this same type of person, wouldn’t that be a great start to increasing your bottom line and profit.

The key to effective marketing is identifying your “marketing avatar” early on. This is a detailed profile of your target customer. Knowing where they hang out, what they do, and what their preferences are will dramatically improve your ability to reach them.

Consider the following:

  • Where do you show up where your ideal client is?
  • How do you appear in their world?
  • How do you target them effectively with your marketing activities to influence their buying behaviour?

Understanding your client’s goals, pain points, and demographics will help tailor your marketing strategy to meet their specific needs.

These questions will help you define your ideal client and start developing conversations through your marketing directly talking to this person. They key is to story tell your way to sales in a clever way. Understanding the answers to these questions will help you get off to a great start:

  • Who are they?
  • How old are they?
  • Are they married or single?
  • Do they have kids?
  • What motivates them?
  • What are their relationships like?
  • Where do they live?

Now, you’ll start to see a clear picture of how to interact with your ideal client through your marketing and sales processes. Need a little more help? I’m right here to guide you and create an epic social media strategy to do just that. You can learn more HERE

For more information on how a Marketing Strategy can help grow your business learn more HERE.

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x Hayley

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