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Episode 85: Feel like giving up? What I do when I want to quit

October 16, 2023

Hello, my amazing, beautiful friend. And welcome to another episode of The Hayley Osborne Show with me, Hayley, your host. This is episode 85. And today is a bit of a different episode because I don’t usually talk about things like this. And I’ve called this episode. I feel like giving up what I do when I want to quit, right? And I’m not a quitter. And I work really hard. And I always have and always have had a glass-half-full mentality. So I always kind of see things in the positive and all that sort of thing. And I’m not really a negative person. I’m not ever, but I do sometimes feel like giving up.

I thought that I would share with you what I do when I do feel like giving up because I’m sure that there are so many of you out there who have felt this at some point or another in your business journey. Because, you know, running a small business is not easy. There is so much going on behind the scenes of small business that you just would have no idea unless you run a small business. Now, everyone’s challenges are different. They come in different sizes and shapes and at different times. And no two are ever the same. But there’s a lot of similarities, right? So you might see everything running smoothly from the outside. But there’s always something from the back end that happens that you need to sort out, you know, this is all too similar, though. But you’ll go and do one thing, and you’ll think it’s so easy. And then you’re like, Oh no, I have to do this before I do this. And I forgot my login here. And I need to do this. And I know by doing this little thing it’ll just make things easier, but you still haven’t done the thing that you set out to do in the first place. And it really can be quite a challenge sometimes.

There are so many times when you want to quit, and you don’t because it’s your passion. It’s your love. But why did we give up so easily? I feel like, you know, you see things people businesses pop up, and then they close down because they realise it was really hard, but I think there are and the same goes for social media right and consistency. The snowball effect is the consistency that you have on your social media and says like consistency with putting out a podcast like everyone wants that main objective for being successful in your business, whatever the success looks like for you. But I feel like those things require consistency, they require effort, they require the long haul. And you know, the quant the consequence of you giving up too early. Could be right around the corner is the turning point for you and having great success.

In this day and age where we have such instant gratification, and we want instant gratification and we can get whatever we want at our fingertips we can order we can do our banking transactions, we can order food to our door coffee to our door, we can see whatever and find whatever we want instantly in the palm of our hand via our phone with that instant gratification for business owners on the flip side of that is an instant success is also required. And that’s I guess what we have been morphed into believing as business owners but instant success is a myth. It is a big, big, fat myth. And I think we are in a generation of instant gratification which creates this also success myth in small business and it looks easy from the outside in and oh I only work 10 hours a week and I sit on the beach for the rest of the time. I call bullshit on that. That is not true. You have to work hard to get what you want and to reap the rewards but It creates the illusion that everyone needs what they want. And people, people look at other successful people and assume they got overnight success. But in reality, it took hard work. And heaps of failing to get where they did.,

My business doesn’t look like it was when it first started. Like it does now. Okay, it looks, it looks completely different from the actual machinations of my business. I’ve just got so smart and laser-focused with everything I put into my business, everything that’s super automated. Oh, my goodness, I never had that when I started. And now it’s just like a smooth-oiled machine. Because I’ve been doing this for six years. And I have learned and failed massively along the way. And that has helped me to have some really big months of growth in my business.

Most never see the journey, but only the destination and they fall in love with this idea that they don’t need to work hard to get it. But understand that this is a myth because you do need to work hard to get it. But don’t be deterred by this because the journey is where the magic happens. And I know oh my God, Hayley, that sounds so cliche, but it’s actually true. And then when you get to your goal, right of seven figures, whatever that looks like, it makes achieving it. So so sweet. And I’m sure that this resonates with you in a really true way. Because it does, because you’ve worked really hard to get what you’ve got.

How do I stay motivated between the craziness of having a one and a two year old? For those of you who don’t know? Yes, that’s what I do have one and a two year old and I managed to send out a weekly email, I managed to have a weekly podcast, I managed to stay consistent on my social media, I mentor for a federally funded incentive for small businesses as well, only in South Australia called Adelaide business hub. I also have my membership Superhero Marketing, which I absolutely love teaching inside of doors open to that actually on the seventh of November, which is soon. I also have my private clients, my one-on-one clients and my private retainer clients that I look after that overall strategy so I do a lot. And you know, sometimes it can be really overwhelming. And so how do I stay motivated?

Number one, I treat a few things as priority in my life. Firstly, exercise. Okay, so exercising helps me to stay considerably motivated. So what that looks like is lots of different things for me. So I go running. I do a hit class at the gym a couple of times a week. And I try and go for a walk every day. And what that does for my psychology, I guess in my state of mind, and it releases massive amounts of dopamine, which create endorphins, which make you feel good. And that feel-good factor is what is motivating. So that makes me massively motivated.

I read a lot. So I’m actually a part of a book club. And I love it so much, which keeps me accountable for reading a book a month. And the way that I do get through that book a month is through audio. Because I just don’t think that I could physically read a book a month unless it were quite small. And some of these books are being thrown around in our book club. They’re huge enough like I just can’t do it. So I listen to audiobooks, and they have been fire and Game-changing to help me stay motivated, especially with little people. Right. So I just that is one thing that I’ve moved towards and I absolutely love it. And then I also have a huge stack of books. I just love buying physical books as well, which I am getting through but that’s in my own time. So there’s no pressure to get those done. They just motivate me so much because it really opens up your world to so many different things and what’s possible. And yeah, it just keeps me motivated. Aim for the stars. I make lots of notes. It gives me lots of lightbulb moments and heaps of ideas.

Another thing that I do when I want to quit is figure out what you’re lacking. Like right, so what is the thing that is making you feel like you want to quit and chase after it and learn about it and figure it out? Okay, figure out what parts you are not good at and figure out how to get good at them. Either invest in a coach, course, or our programme or read some books, listen to some podcasts like you are now, but figure out what it is that you lack really dig deep and pinpoint what that thing is and go get it. Be a go-getter that is definitely me at my core.

Be really patient with yourself. That is one thing that I’ve had to teach myself how to do, especially since I’ve had children. So that’s the last three years is be really patient and, and be really kind to yourself. Okay, that above all Trump’s and you know, not that I’m nasty to myself, but I am my biggest critique and my biggest worst boss because I am really hard on myself at times. But I’ve learned to soften that. Be patient, be kind, be gentle, and be nurturing with yourself because you only have yourself at the end of the day. And you are the most important thing in your world that matters. Because without you, the rest of the rest of your world doesn’t exist, okay? So be patient and be kind to yourself. You can’t compare your one to someone else’s 20. It’s absolutely impossible. So be kind, be caring and be patient with yourself, much like you would treat a friend.

The next thing I want to talk about is Be proud of yourself, every small win. Small wins are really important for small businesses because if you can’t celebrate your small wins, no one else is going to celebrate them for you. So I think that’s one of the most important things that one of my highest values in celebrating, especially within the membership is to do once a week. I asked the members of our private Facebook group to showcase their wins. And not only does that make them feel good, but it also has a ripple effect across the community of will they feel good. So I feel good they can achieve that. So I can achieve that. Right? It becomes a real can-do kind of environment and attitude. And being really proud of yourself for every small win. Even if it’s like you did one more walk than normal, you got to 10,000 steps every day. They don’t have to be wins in business just wins in life because being in business is hard enough. So, celebrating every small win. And I’m not saying go and do something extravagant. But whatever that looks like for you go to bed early. That’s a celebration in my book.

Remember that you’re not the first person to feel this way. Right, you’re not the first person to feel like you want to quit. And like you want to give up. What about when I don’t even know who designed the light bulb but that person when they wanted to quit? Was it Albert Einstein? No, no, I’m looking silly. I don’t know. Sometimes, I don’t retain all the things that I probably should. What about cars? What about technology? What about, you know, computers and phones and like all things, aeroplanes, everything that was possibly created and designed in this world to make our life better? Thank God those designers behind all of those big moving parts didn’t quit. Because we wouldn’t have the life that we get to enjoy today, so think about the really big picture. Okay, you’re not the first person to feel this way. Like you do want to quit, and you won’t be the last. So pick yourself up. My mum always says to me, put your big girl pants on and deal with it. Pull yourself together, Agatha. That’s what she says. And it’s true.

Another reason is, you know, remember where you where you started? And how much you really wanted that at the beginning? And would you be happy if you went back to the life that you had? I know that I would not be happy where I am right now. I would not be happy in a corporate job. There is no way I would go back to corporate. Because I love this business that I’ve created. And the freedom that it brings me. I say freedom but it’s kind of like you are free. You’ve got to really keep a tight diary. But you are free to do what you want. But you still obviously are running your business and moving through the motions and everything like that. But remember why you started and how much you really wanted it.

Oh my god if my six years ago, self could see where I am now. She would be rolling over with excitement. Because I never in my wildest dreams would I have even fathom that I would firstly have this podcast and it’s outrageous of me to think that this is Episode 85, right? I’m teetering on 100 episodes crazy, absolutely crazy. But I had to start somewhere. It’s crazy for my six-year-old self to think that I would have a membership. So crazy. But I do and I’ve done the work and I got there and you can have these things too and you can get to these things as well. But you have to do the work. Think about how much you really wanted it when you started. Another point I want to make is to know that you will grow as a person just from growing just from going through it. You do, and you don’t see it at the time when you’re in it. But you’ll see the way you then interact with certain groups of people. You see the way that you move through things that you once would have thought were a big deal, which now isn’t a big deal. Right? That is when you know that you’ve grown as a person. You’ll know you’ve grown when you stop saying umm and ar and hesitating. Because that’s how I started when I first started this podcast and public speaking, forget about it. But now, going through all of those difficult times to maintain this podcast or stand on stage and speak or introduce myself in a room full of people, I don’t have those same fears anymore. Because I’ve consistently shown up and you break through those barriers when you keep driving that muscle.

Remember that you have choices to write there is more than one way to do something. There all different ways to achieve the same outcome. And it’s not just one thing as well that will give you the success that you want, whatever that looks like for you. It’s all the things it’s all different things. It’s what works for you. I was just on a call this morning with a group of people that I sit in a group chat with, and it’s kind of like a mentoring group. And, you know, you think we were talking about? I think it was we were talking about podcasting and how difficult and easy it is and what programmes and this and that, and not one person had the same procedure or tech, or you think you need all these fancy things to be in business and create certain things you don’t, you have to have what’s right for you. So be grateful. And remember that you do have choices.

Also, the next thing I want to say is picture in your mind the ultimate result. Right? What if that was just around the corner for you? And you are just about to quit. It’s not worth giving up, and it’s not worth quitting if that ultimate result is around the corner, but you’ll never be able to see the forest through the trees when you’re in it. You have to move through to the other side, too.

One really strong point is to be able to keep you accountable to your goals when you do feel like giving up when you do want to quit and what I have in plan for myself is actually to have a plan. Okay, I have a strategy of how I’m going to get where I’m going to go. And I try and stick to that every week and every month. And I do hold myself accountable. Okay, I have plans on brand awareness and attract more high-quality leads and sales into my business. And I stick to that every single week. I take small little bites to achieve a greater goal because it’s my goal to have a huge impact in this world. And I am doing that bite by bite. So make sure that you also have a plan. Secondly, support from others is absolutely paramount. Because when you have that you do feel like you’re not alone, especially as a small business. So put yourself in groups of people who are similar to you have a high vibe attitude and want great things and that will motivate you.

Next up. And lastly, I want to talk about those little motivational reminders. So have them around in places that you frequently visit, whether it be a post-it note on your bathroom mirror or the screensaver on your phone. Make sure that you have those motivational reminders to remind you why you started what you did and why you should keep going. So if you ever feel like giving up just have another little listen to this episode of you know the little things that I do when I want to quit and hopefully they have resonated with you in some way, shape or form to help you be the best most fearless Small Business, I know that you know and that I know. And I hope you’ve used this episode to motivate you a little bit, to learn to be patient with yourself and proud of yourself for every small win that you have. And just remember that you know, these feelings don’t last forever. Move through them because your ultimate goal is on the other side.

I hope you’ve enjoyed listening to this episode. If you have, I would love you to send me a DM and tell me how much you loved it on Instagram. That’s where I always hang out the most. Also, reviews on Apple podcasts are super helpful because it just help to push the podcast out to more people. Thank you so much for listening today and I will see you next week.

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