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Episode 15: Your most valuable resources: energy, creativity, persistence and contact with your clients

April 18, 2022

Energy is one of your most important business assets and it’s free. Your energy keeps your audience engaged and energised. Your audience can feel your energy through your marketing efforts, both written, visual, and video. This is your prised possession. In today’s episode I discuss your most valuable resources in business…and guess what? They’re free.




Hello, my awesome soul inspired friends and welcome to Episode 15 of The Hayley Osborne Show.

It’s time to expand the use of your most valuable resources: energy, creativity, persistence and contact with your clients.

I want you to clearly note the title of this podcast episode. Each of these marketing resources I’ve mentioned are FREE. That’s right, they’re free for you to use. Not to mention all the other awesome free marketing tools out there, like our most loved, social media.

But these free marketing resources are all driven by you and only you. They’re driven by your power and your abilities.

In this episode I want to take you for a dive into a little mindset work and simply getting shit done.

When you focus on these four things:

  1. Energy
  2. Creativity
  3. Persistence
  4. Contact

You can achieve great things. When you hesitate, stop, or become fearful, that’s when the little imposter bad boy rears it’s ugly head. Because it’s the hesitation that allows you the space and time to become fearful.

I personally have way less “spare time” and less work time in my days now after having my little boy. But I have learnt very quickly, you need to make the most with the precious time you have to get stuff done and I probably (well actually I do) achieve way more, crazy right! If you have little to no distractions in your “working days” the more free time you should really have to do other relaxing things to fill your time. Hello coffees, brunches, friends, and family.

The longer you sit on doing something that feels minutely new to you, progress that’s outside your comfort zone or requires you to take a harder step, the harder it becomes to actually doing it. The more space you leave between you doing it, the more fear creeps in and you start procrastinating not to do it. Our brains are wired this way, but we have the control to overpower this and just make shit happen.

This was the exact strategy I took behind building and launching Soulful Marketing. I was scared to build my first ever course because the fear in me was…” what if no one likes it?”. “What if no one buys it? Then all this time would have been a waste”. But I was determined not to let the fear overrule my love for what I had built and deep down I knew was amazing and full of transformations for my audience.

After all, I have been doing this and teaching some of the best businesses in the country how to do these things 1:1, so really, why wouldn’t this work right! And guess what? It totally paid off and now I am in my 3rd week of teaching Soulful Marketing with some amazing business owners having joined up and I am so so excited and grateful for the hard work I put in. So much so I’ve already been receiving some great feedback which I will share with you in another episode later down the track.

In our 3 weeks so far, we have covered the foundations of what soulful marketing actually is as well as marketing your business in the new and modern way to go to market. You answer specific questions on what it means to be authentic within your business.

We’ve covered off messaging and how important, yet how hard this is to master within your business. Perfecting your one-sentence message with SOUL is way harder than it seems. Putting into words:

  1. What you do
  2. How you solve challenges and problems within your business for your clients
  3. So your future clients can easily understand and buy from you

And this week, our 3rd week we’re focusing on building your soul tribe, you audience. So, when you nail your messaging, you actually have people that want to hear from you to talk to.

Your most valuable resources are energy, creativity, persistence and contact with your clients.


Energy is one of your most important business assets. Your energy keeps your audience engaged and energised. Your audience can feel your energy through your marketing efforts, both written, visual, and video. This is your prised possession. And you get this from endorphins released by doing things like exercise, by surrounding yourself with other equally inspiring and energetic people and by getting enough sleep. WOWZA.

You cannot expect other people to be excited about your business if you’re not excited about it. If you’re not displaying those energetic magnetic vibes. Your energy helps to maintain your visibility among your audience. Your energy will help you to explain what you do, your key messages and transformation and how you’re going to take your audience on the journey.

Your energy is your business capital and competitive advantage. The more you can maintain this for your audience the more they will thrive and grow as a result. Impressive right! But it’s the truth.


Which then brings me on to creativity. Your creativity allows you to innovate, come up with new ideas, challenge thinking and reinvent new ways of doing things. For me, creativity arrives at its best when I am not working, when I am away from my office doing something completely different. That’s when the best sparks spark and create magic!

Those of us business owners that can strike the perfect balance of creativity and business have really nailed it. But believe me, it takes practice.

So make it a practice to remove yourself from your office, go for a walk, get a massage, treat yourself to a nice lunch and then get to work.

By doing this you will start to see your creativity increase and improve, and next thing you know, you’ll start to see a shift in your business and the ability to add new and exciting things including avenues of new revenue.

Creativity can also be considered as solution-based activity. When you allow yourself free reign and the freedom to branch out of your day to day it allows you to see gaps in your services, what your clients are really looking for from different angles.

Do you ever feel the most motivated at the times when you give yourself the freedom?

Creativity boosts your confidence and can help to relieve stress. When you’re faced with certain challenges in your days, your creative thinking can help to overcome any challenges you may face. The dopamine runs freely which is an awesome feeling and it builds your confidence at the same time.


Persistence which can also be explained as consistency…is the keeper of the crew.

It’s the thing that always keeps you top of mind to your audience and ahead of your competitors. If you think for a second you can create the epic success you desire (because I know you do), minus a high level of persistence, well, I am sorry, but I have some news. Yep, that’s right, when others are snoozing, you’re not.

You keep going. You remain consistent and persistent and that’s what differentiates you from the rest.

Persistence is the number one thing coming into play even at those times when you think you might fail. When you stay persistent, your passion, determination and drive will always surpass any setbacks. Allowing you to sustain and steam through!

If you haven’t yet seen, I have a guide on my website that’s free, called the Ultimate Guide to Building a 6 Figure Business Through Instagram.

Within this guide I talk about consistency being king and I show you how you’ve got to show up and put in the work if you want the results!

There are 1.3billion people using Instagram! Imagine if you can have 0.1% of that market share? That would mean you would have a 1 million strong audience.

AND if they were all paying customers…HELLO $$$ cash flowing and revenue increasing.

In this ultimate freebie I talk about the 5 types of content you can be creating right now on Instagram. I give you examples of how I would create this content for both product and service-based businesses. All you need to do is plug in the gaps and make it relevant for your audience.

Head over to my website and grab it so you can set sail with your consistency, persistence and adding EPIC value to your audience so you are the one they think of as top of mind.

Running a business as I am sure you know, could possibly be a long path of exhaustion. To which you need all the things I’m talking about in this episode to survive. Energy, creativity, persistence and continued contact with your clients.

Which sees me onto the next thing:

Contact with your clients

This is where your sales come from. Reaching out, following up, reaching out again and again. Giving away lots of free content, tips and tricks to help you gain that trust you need to in order for your audience to address you with a level of authenticity.

Overall, when you mesh all these major points as valuable resources and nurture them to work with you instead of against you, you can create the magic and thriving business I know you desire.

So, this week I want you to, maintain your energy, creativity, persistence and contact with your clients.

That concludes this episode my lovely friends and thank you so much for listening.

I really do hope this episode has helped you to create your success by being authentically you!Helped to motivate and inspire you to continue to grow your business in 2022.



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