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EP 117 | Why not having a transformation message is the biggest hurdle for biz owners

July 9, 2024

You’re invited to my FREE online event July 10 2024! I am going to teach you how to create captions that convert. Read on…In this episode of The Hayley Osborne Show I’m sharing with you one of my most favourite topics and that is your transformation message.

Single handedly the biggest thing you will create in your business for a numerous number of reasons which I discuss in this episode. I talk about what a transformation message is, why every business owner needs one and why not to worry about getting it super perfect.

I know when you are so close to your business you can’t see it anymore because I’ve worked with hundreds of clients who have the same issues, both big and small businesses. I talk about the framework I’ve created inside my business which makes it super easy for you to uncover your own transformation message.

This is one of the foundations your business needs to really achieve your goals.


0:00 – Introduction and welcome

1:30 – Announcement of free online event “Master your message that converts”

4:00 – Explanation of the event’s content and benefits

7:17 – Definition of a transformation message

8:30 – Why every business owner needs a transformation message

10:45 – Importance of keeping the message succinct

12:30 – Hayley’s personal transformation message example

13:45 – Acknowledging the difficulty in creating a transformation message

15:00 – Introduction to the MAPS framework

16:07 – Explanation of how to use the transformation message in conversations

18:30 – Recap and invitation to the free masterclass

20:00 – Closing remarks and how to subscribe to the podcast

Hayley Osborne

Welcome to another episode of The Hayley Osborne show, I am really glad you are here. I’m really glad that I’m in your ear, sweat, ears, wherever you are listening to this podcast. This is episode 117. And today I am talking about why not having a transformation message is the biggest hurdle for small business owners. 

And I want to talk about what it is. I want to talk about why every business owner needs one, even if you are just starting out, or even if you are, you know well into 10 years in your business, why not to worry about if it’s perfect or not? How getting it right can be really trial and error. I want to talk about a framework that I use within my business to teach my clients how to develop theirs. And you know, the one question that people should ask that’s evoked when you actually tell them who you are and what you do. But firstly, I really want to welcome you to come along to an online event that I’m running, I’m really excited to run this. It is going to be epic. 

The title is master your message that converts. And basically, I am so sick and tired of seeing people writing boring captions, people, I mean business owners. And so this is what’s triggered that for me, because you don’t, there’s no, there’s no better leverage than being able to storytel across your marketing in order to build that know, like and trust that we all love to build sales. It is a free platform. Essentially, it is the biggest tool. 

It is the biggest marketing tool the world has ever seen for small business owners and it is free. And yet I see every single day so many business owners writing crap captions in their social media, because there’s so rushed, when if thought out a lot better, you could actually write killer captions that convert and so that’s what triggered this masterclass and I I am running it as a free event. I’m running it as a free masterclass. And I’m really excited in this, 

I would love you to come along and register, you can do it on my website, Hayley osborne.com, or you can do it via my Instagram link. It’s on my Facebook. And just register because I don’t want you to miss out. Or you can register via the link which is Sh M S H M, dot Hayley osborne.com. Forward slash master messaging, it’s just easier to go to my website and use the link there. And then you can register to come along, it is free. 

And I’m really excited for you to learn how to create a connection with your audience through your caption to convert them, right because you want people to do something with the information that you are giving them. Regardless of the business that you have. I am excited for you to understand how to write a really great hook and plus, I’m going to give you my half 50 hooks that convert list. And I’ve had really great feedback on this. So I think that the more people 

I can help, the better. I’m excited for you to learn the foundations, have a great story and have fun doing it. Because that is what creates sales. Throwing. Selling on your social media is like throwing water balloons at a porcupine. It doesn’t work. So you’ve got to get really clever. No more boring captions. I’m so sick of seeing business owners not leveraging this platform. 

And I’m excited for you to really take your messaging from the same, always the same to really diverse and different. If you come along live, I will give you a bonus time by 50. So 50 of Michael Call to Action boosters for you to ditch those boring sayings. Like learn more, click here and actually spice things up with my creative suggestions that I know works to set you apart from your competitors. It’s simple, stop letting your ideal clients pass you by because they do if you’re boring, and that’s no bullshit. 

And, you know, create messaging that involves, you know, action taking and fun as opposed to no action taking and no fun. I know that writing captions is hard. And that’s why a lot of people don’t appear as frequently as they should. Because it’s hard and just know as well that 99% of people are going to Google you before they pick up the phone. That’s a fact, which means that your written words need to pack a punch. 

And it also would mean that if your captions are super boring, that you’re missing opportunities left, right and center, and I don’t want that for you. So we need to be inviting our audience to take action, and no more leaving money on the table. And anyway, without further ado, come along, if you can’t come along live. So as this episode is airing, it will be the next day. So the 10th of July. 

So tomorrow, as this episode airs, it is happening at 11am Adelaide time. And if you’re in Sydney or Melbourne, that’s 1030 Your time. And I would love to see you that if you can’t get there live, no stress register. And I will give you the recording after for you to watch. But if you can’t come along live, it means you don’t get the bonus, which is super cool. 

But you will get a lot of valuable information. So I would love to see you at my master’s message that converts the event 10th of July 11am Australian Central Standard Time, which is Adelaide time 1030, Melbourne and Sydney so that you can start to change the game and stop writing boring captions. Alright, so today is kind of like a value addition to the masterclass that I’m teaching. 

And I really wanted to teach this talk about this in this podcast episode because it is really important. And it’s why not having a transformation message is the biggest hurdle for business owners. But first I want to start off with why what is a transformation message. 

And basically what it is, is a sentence that describes who you are, what you do, and how you can help people, okay, and this transformation message really needs to sit at the forefront of your business. Okay, so it’s basically a summary of you, what you do and how you help people. 

And, you know, it outlines all of the things that you are doing in your business in such a succinct way. So, you know, it’s really aimed at customers. So it’s aimed at your audience, to inform them about the benefits of working with you, but you’ve got to get really clever at saying it in a sentence, okay, so the things that it needs to include are explaining why you do what you do, explaining how you do what you do, explaining the problem that you solve, and the transformation that you provide succinctly. Okay, so why does every business owner need one, every business owner needs one because it’s essentially the suit and tie version of your business. 

And in a nutshell, when somebody lands on you, on your business, so they land on your Instagram page, they land on your LinkedIn, they’d land on your Facebook, tick tock, Twitter, website, Google business profile, whatever that is. They see who you are, and how you help people straightaway. Because 99% of people are going to Google you before they pick up the phone. 

And every business owner needs a transformation message otherwise not having one, you are going to be missing clients left, right and center. And so it is such a beautiful way to capture people’s attention to be able to read more, because you should be able to evoke that when they are reading it. Okay, so if you are delivering Warren Piece on all of your touch points, you’re more likely to have a significant drop off because people don’t like to read chunks and chunks of words on your website on your socials. They want a succinct way of exploring Training and understanding who you are and what you do. 

Now I can tell you this, that if you were to say, I will give you if I was to say to you, I will give you a one page document on how to create your marketing strategy, would you take that, as opposed to here’s a 50 page deck on all the things that you need to do to create your marketing strategy, I guarantee you that you would pick the one pager, because everybody wants to get to where they want to go in the fastest way possible. 

Any way, shape or form, right driving, you know, the goals inside your business, we want to get there really fast. And so it needs to be very succinct. And I must say that a really important point, don’t worry about it being perfect, just get it done. Because it’s going to change over the years. As you change and evolve as a business. 

I cannot stress this enough. And where I am now is definitely not where I started. So what does my transformation message sound like? So if I meet somebody anywhere, so whether I am at a party on the weekend, or whether I’m at a networking event, or if you see my webs anywhere, anywhere I land, if somebody says, hey, what do you do, or they’re looking for what I do, I say, I help business owners to create marketing activities and strategies to have the biggest growth with the least amount of time and effort. 

Okay, and it never used to be like that, okay, because it was different. And I accept that, you know, as I change the messaging in and around, my business also needs to change because I will never stay the same. I’m constantly learning, evolving and growing my business on purpose. And therefore, the message changes.

And I’m sure that you are too if you’re listening to this podcast, and so you really need a succinct message. And you know, it can’t be perfect. So what I found is, we’re so close to our businesses, and I find this with my private clients that this particular thing is the hardest to do. Out of everything, you can write the words on your website, you can write your about page, you can write everything in and around the service or product that you do. 

But this is super, super hard. So if you’re sitting down going, Oh, my God, Haley, I have no idea where to start. It is long, it is wordy , it is hard, I’m not going to sugarcoat this, it is hard. So getting it right can be trial and error. And I think you just go with something, and then push it out. Because we are so close to our businesses that we cannot see them anymore. 

And if you are not satisfied with doing it that way, then either come and see me for a hand to actually nail what it is that you want to be known for and what you do, or, you know, keep educating yourself and upskilling yourself in ways that are going to help you extract what that is. So the way that I like to create this inside my business is I have developed a framework in my business called maps. And that framework stands for it’s an acronym but it stands for market audience problem and solution. 

Okay. So, to break that down, who is the market that you serve? Okay, what your audience market audience, what is the problem that you solve? And what is the transformation that you provide? Solution? Okay, so M AP s market audience problem solution, solution is the transformation. Okay, but map sounds way better. So I went with maps, and I have built and used this framework inside of my business and for my clients every single day to create a beautiful foundation for their business to start marketing their business because this is what you need to start with that will help you grow the rest of your messaging. 

Okay, so, to break that down a little bit. Who is your target market? Okay, so for me, it is business owners, okay, who is the problem that I solve the problem that I solve is coming up with marketing activities and strategies to have big growth. Okay, and the transformation that I provide kind of an overlap is growth in the least amount of time and effort and the time and effort part. 

A case is a real pain point for business owners because you guys don’t have a lot of time. Okay. And the effort required is huge when you have to learn something from scratch. Watch, whereas I have done everything. The time and effort part comes with my 15 years plus of brand, and marketing experience. 

You know, I’ve worked on some of the biggest alcohol brands in the world. I’ve had some beautiful marketing, corporate jobs. And I’ve been running my own business independently now for almost seven years. So I’ve seen it all, I have worked with some of the biggest brands, under my own business, which I’m really proud of, and I still do. 

And so, you know, I often find, it doesn’t matter how big the business is, that every business needs one. And every business goes through trial and trial and error. And every business needs to follow this framework that I have built, because it is gold, and it is very easy to follow. And the one thing that your question, oops, sorry, the one question. 

Okay, that should be asked, after you say who you are. And what you do is our call, how do you do that? Okay, so let me rephrase that a little bit. So I say, you know, my name is Haley. And I help business owners to create activities and strategies around marketing, to have the biggest growth with the least amount of time and effort in their business. So then the next question that the person that you’re talking to, should ask you, oh, cool, how do you do that? 

Okay, and then that opens up the conversation to say, I do it through X, Y, and Zed, I do it through my beautiful membership, superhero marketing, I do it through one on one coaching, I do it through social media strategy for business owners, I do it through marketing strategy for business owners, and so on and so forth. 

And so it doesn’t matter where you are, and who you’re talking to, you could be on the side of a sports game, watching your kids play, you still gonna say the same thing. Never ever do, I want you to, to say, I am a business coach, I am a marketer, I am in sales, I am a misuse I Am that I Am A TV presenter. No, you are much more than that. 

And when you give the one word type of responses like that, it kind of doesn’t instigate any kind of conversation back. And so it’s a real shut off. So if I say I’m in marketing, yawn, most people are quite triggered by that word. And it is quite polarizing, like a complicated word. And it’s my job to, I guess, demystify that word to make it super easy for you guys, because I know that small businesses are the backbone of our economy. 

And if you can do this bit, right, and develop this beautiful Foundation, in a transformation message for your business, it opens up a whole nother level of conversation with everybody in and around you, from networking events to private events. And so I hope this has been a little bit helpful. To recap, if you want to start writing yours, or think that it needs a refresh, or whatever that might look like, think of the word maps, and you will be able to understand that quite quickly. 

And just go through it. Done is better than perfect. Write it down 100 times, if you’re still stuck, I would love to catch up with you for a free 30 minute strategy session. And I can give you a bit of a hand and, you know, hopefully help you along the way. 

But otherwise, it is by not having this. It’s a huge, huge, I guess, hurdle for business owners because this is like a chain reaction. And this is kind of the foundational level for you to get started with beautiful messaging and so on that. I also want to say, don’t forget to register for my free, masterclass event tomorrow, which is the 10th of July. 

I would love to have you there. And basically, I’m going to help you create captions that convert and you can start to really harness your audience into not leaving but leaving through your shopping cart, or you know, adding themselves to your database because that is essentially what we want people to do. It’s hard, but if it was easy, everybody would do it. 

And I really want you to excel. So I would love to see you there. I hope this episode has been valuable in and around transformation messages for your business and I will see you next week for another episode of The Hayley Osborne show. So, I hope you’ve enjoyed listening to this episode. If you have hit subscribe so you don’t miss any new episodes released every Tuesday. 

And while you’re there, leave me a review. I would absolutely love to read it. Also, don’t forget to tag me at Haley Kate Osborne over on Instagram and share this post with your audience so they can learn to share it. If you want more, head over to Hayley osborne.com.au forward slash podcast for today’s show notes and links to catch you next week for another episode of The Hayley Osborne show.

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