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Feeling special is on all of our agendas right? We seek these feelings in our relationships with our friends, family and respective other. As well as in the form of seeking gratitude at work for a-cracker of an amazing job done!

Am I right or am I right?

This my friends, is also the number one thing our customers want to feel when connecting to our businesses and brands. Everyone just wants to feel special.

Our feelings play a significant role in the decisions we make as consumers. I think we can all agree when we see something that makes us go “AHHHHH”, or “WOWWWWW”, or “OH MY GOD” that’s an amazing story behind why they started that brand. I just might follow them, like them and even interact with them as that really resonates with me.

Recently I purchased a really cool pair of gum boots (the limited-edition Bobbi Blue/Sky ones to be precise) from a brand called Merry People.

Firstly, I really liked the style. It’s funky, different and claims to keep your feet super warm even in sub-zero temperatures! If anyone knows me…Winter and I are not friends! Anyway, these features did not solely sell me those boots, it was the owner, Dani Holloway’s story. Her story was similar to mine (in starting both Social Soul and Hayley Kate). I loved this and I really resonated with it, not just her specific story section on the website, but the whole website oozed coolness and authenticity according to me. WIN!

This is what led me on my merry way to tread down my little path to purchase. But my love for the brand didn’t stop there, they also continued to make me lust over it when I received a lovely email after I made the purchase that said:

From this email, I immediately went over to their socials and followed them. Cause hey, after all this, Merry People and Dani deserved my support. Such a joyful experience which we should all be aiming to achieve through our own brand and business stories.

As a business you must be producing content to inspire, build trust and connect. Your customers want to know about what makes you unique, what makes you different from everyone else and what is your defining factor that sets you apart! This is the soul of your business.

My advice…Sing this LOUD!

You may not even actually realise what this is. Believe me, nine times out of ten this is staring you right in the face. How did you get started? Why did you decide to have your business? Why did you choose the colours in your brand and why is your business logo/font the style it is?

Now, let’s be honest, sometimes we don’t always do things strategically! So, the answers to these questions may very well be simply because you were in such a rush. Supply and demand were ramping up and you needed to get it done so quickly there was literally zero time to think about anything else. This is OK. This is a great story! It’s how you spin it and tell it that will make people smile and quickly realise you are genuine, making them want to connect with your brand. Guess what? All of a sudden, you’re onto a winner! Thanks for coming, another click through to the shopping cart.

Emotional marketing connects your audience through storytelling in a personal way, it gets those heart strings pulling.

Let’s talk about 10 emojis crucial to your marketing that will help connect with your audience:

Weaving this emotional content into your marketing is critical to building your customer base and them being a super happy customer base at that.

If you break this down it becomes easy, think about things such as:

  • Getting your colours right. There is psychology in this and it is proven.
  • Get that story into your messaging. This is where your planned strategy comes into place. Your monthly content plan will save any reactive posting and keep you in line with your value proposition and your objectives.
  • Focus, focus, focus on the benefits of your product or service over it’s features. Yes, it’s that simple. Benefits before features.
  • Social proof your product and splash this all over your website. This could be written or video testimonials.
  • Your story should be highlighted before you highlight your price. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

If you can add the emotional triggers to your storytelling and strategy you can also benefit from bigger profits, more revenue and above all happy customers that keep coming back.

Time for you to put some Soul into your socials and brand!
Much love
(aka Social Soul)

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