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Hi there, I’m Hayley.

I left the corporate world with a backpack filled with 15 years of knowledge on social media, brand strategy and marketing, along with a huge passion and purpose to empower business owners and entrepreneurs to build and market their brand strategically and authentically.

My entrepreneurial story began back in 2008, when I created my first business, a fashion label called Hayley Kate. Not only did I know nothing about business, but I also taught myself to sew. Seeing its quick national success, I swiftly got myself a diploma in fashion design and began to YouTube everything I needed to know on how to start a business. The next year, I was nominated for emerging designer of the year in South Australia and manufactured my garments offshore.

With my Marketing degree in tow, I had to explore a career in marketing and brand management! At the end of 2009, I landed a social media coordinator role in Sydney for one of the biggest alcohol companies in the world! This coincided with the PIVOTAL year that Instagram started, and would follow with Facebook introducing brand pages the following year. Needless to say, I went on an EPIC learning roller coaster as an early adopter.

“I’ve arrived to inspire you to be the best version of yourself and therefore the best you can possibly be in your business.,

Taking the stress out of marketing and social media so you can focus on the business aspects you love”.

Fast forward a few years, I’m back in my home town of Adelaide working on some grand State marketing projects. I still couldn’t seem to shake my entrepreneurial itch, creating yet another business in 2016, Hayley Kate the label. This time, I made personalised soy candles and hustled on the side of a demanding day job. The business itch was real! I taught myself how to build my own website, nail the SEO, make the candles by hand and naturally perfect the marketing strategy quickly.

Hayley Kate increased my business networks at an international level. Soon enough, I was teaching other business owners how to market, create social media strategies and increase their brand awareness, operating under Hayley Kate (as if right!)…still as a side hustle! Can you believe that?

I had 2 side businesses at the same time, along with a demanding corporate day job. Enough was enough!

I walked away from the corporate world in 2018 and have never felt more alive and nourished. I had one focus, to teach business owners everything I know in relation to marketing and social media strategy.

As I diversified my business, I became a marketing and social media strategist, coach, as well as speaker. Motivating and inspiring entrepreneurs and business owners..

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