Welcome to the world of content marketing people! Where you get to showcase your brand and business that you’ve worked so damn hard on to the world. The best part about all of this…it’s FREE! And the other best parts are:
  1. Showcases your personality 
    Doesn’t matter if you are selling a product or a service, people NEED to be able to connect with you. Inject your personality and soul into your socials through your writing; if you’re funny, be funny. If you’re opinionated or sarcastic, be those things. Your readers would much prefer getting to know YOU, the person behind the writing. After all we’re not robots SO – jump on that stage and write like you speak! Your brand personality is your golden nugget.
  1. Fake is out of fashion – authenticity is totally in 

    The real deal is the real deal. Not only do you gain respect and appreciation but people genuinely want to connect with you. People don’t like being sold directly to. In such a cluttered market full of advertising, consumers are moving away from absorbing traditional advertising and are on the hunt for authentic content. You are being judged more and more on your ability to connect with your audience through your real content marketing – make every sentence worth its weight.

  2. Education – your followers genuinely want to know about your product, tell them the story, it’s that easy 

    I tell my clients day after day, 99% of the time your customers will google you before they actually pick up the phone and call  OR press “continue to shopping cart” on your website. WHY? Because sitting behind a desktop or mobile is far less risky than picking up the phone. We have been conditioned in this digital world to simply reach not too far and google away! Educating your tribe on your brands how, what, where and when’s will gain you massive street cred.

  3. Shake it up baby – ruffle some of those feathers. It won’t hurt 

    By no means am I saying be a total meanie – no!

    However, I am saying be brave! Be short and straight to the point. No overcomplicating, it’s unnecessary. Use key words that your tribe can relate to if they are looking for your subject matter! Write in short paragraphs so each piece of content is digestible and try and structure your posts with a beginning, middle and clever call to action at the end.

  4. Lastly, the capital K of kick ass content is KONsistency (consistency) 

    Rome wasn’t built in a day, but over time great things were accomplished. Being consistent is the number one rule for delivering great content to your audience. Sit down once a month and plan out your month. Develop a content plan, set your objectives, write your titles and before you know it you have a month’s worth of content with so much goodness, you can say ‘catch-ya-later’ to the reactive brand that you may have once been.

Still not sure about content writing, copywriting or setting clear objectives so you can grow your business like a boss? This is my jam and I would LOVE to help you like I help so many other small to medium business. Get in touch here, you’ll be so pleased you did. 


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