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3 Essential marketing strategies for small businesses

June 18, 2024

As business owners, we put so much of our energy into the day-to-day operations that it’s easy to forget about taking a step back and working on the strategic aspects of our businesses

Having the right marketing strategies in place can be the difference between just surviving tough economic periods and coming out the other side stronger than ever.

1. Optimising your social media

I see so many business owners who aren’t fully leveraging these powerful platforms at their disposal. Take inventory of your profiles and make sure everything from your bios and highlights to pinned posts are promoting your brand in the best possible light. Make sure they are all in perfect alignment and singing the same tune across the board.

99% of your audience are going to Google you before they pick up the phone, it’s crazy if you aren’t optimising these to their full potential to benefit your business as well as ultimately your bottom line, AKA profit.

Use social media to increase awareness and drive people to your website or email list. Consistency is key across all your channels so customers recognise your business at a glance. 

Being consistent helps to create that “know, like, trust” factor we all want and need. When your ideal client gets to know you through your consistency, they start to like you, then that like turns into trust (they trust you) and the trust will eventually create a sale, when they need what it is you have to offer, you are the number one business at the top of their mind.

2. Search Engine Optimisation

Another marketing tactic to focus on is search engine optimisation, or better known as SEO, for your website. Start with thorough keyword research to understand what potential customers are searching for in relation to your products or services. There are wonderful social listening tools out there to do the critical research you need, minus the throwing spaghetti at the wall. I have an extensive resource list of these which I teach the members inside my membership, Superhero Marketing. Find out more HERE

Then create high-quality, helpful content that answers those common questions people have. Be sure to optimise your site for speed as well. If a page takes too long to load, most visitors will abandon it. With the right SEO strategies, you have a good chance of ranking at the top of search results. You can book a FREE chat with me HERE on how you can work with me to optimise and understand exactly how to position yourself as the go to in your industry with an optimised profile and digital footprint.

3. Collaboration Opportunities

In addition, exploring collaboration opportunities with complementary businesses is a smart way to reach new audiences while supporting your fellow entrepreneurs.

Look for ways you can cross-promote through promotions, content partnerships, or joint online events. Building relationships within your industry will serve you well both in good times and bad.

Need a little more help? I’m right here to guide you and create an epic social media strategy to do just that. You can learn more HERE

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x Hayley

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